Month: September 2015

Be Way Better

  In order to be way better in every way, complete these 7 badge requirements in full. Then, find someone whose approval means everything to you and ask them to cut the above badge carefully along the dotted line and pin it on you so that everyone can see it. You’ll feel way better once you ARE way better! REQUIREMENTS Find a fitness regime that works for you, and smile the entire time you are doing it. This way, everyone will know that you are really enjoying it and do not find it unpleasant in any way. Subscribe to a magazine that writes articles about big, very important issues. As the magazines arrive each month, make a stack of them so it is easy for others to see that you value the knowledge inside of them. Make a promise to yourself that you will one day actually read them. Find all available scientific knowledge regarding health, fitness, and personal wellness, and make a graph organizing everything you found. Share your data with others so they too can benefit …

The Virus of Scarcity and The Culture of Abundance

We are born in the red: amongst the blood and flesh of our mothers—already indebted. What we owe our families—a debt of the body. And slowly the circle widens. Our debts to our friends: the price of acceptance; our debt to our communities: the price of civilization. Then come the banks, with credit cards and student loans and car loans and home loans and loans to pay off other loans until the entirety of our life is one big red circle of debt. * Like genes in the body, ideas make up a culture through a process of replication, interaction, and mutation. This is the basis of Richard Dawkins’ concept of the meme, which he defines as an “idea, behavior, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture.” But the strength of a meme—that is, the extent to which it has taken hold in society—does not denote any moral quality, or even suggest that it is the best, most efficient way of living. Instead of a healthy cell, an idea may be …

HEALTH, a limited edition print by Tandem Felix Letterpress

This limited edition print was commissioned by Sixty Inches From Center through a partnership with our friends at Tandem Felix Letterpress, located in Lacuna Artist Lofts. This print comes in an edition of 60, 40 of the prints are used to help raise funds for Sixty’s next issue and Sixty Offline events while the other 20 are given to Tandem Felix Letterpress to sell, alter and do what they’d like with. Each edition is hand-printed and unique–no two prints are the same. Prints are $15, all of which goes to help pay our writers, commission new artists and keep Sixty going strong. Prints are no longer available.  Shipping is free and prints will ship within 5-7 business days of your purchase. Image: Liz, co-founder of Tandem Felix Letterpress.