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Whether you’re interested in joining yourself or have the perfect person in mind, Sixty welcomes and accepts nominations for our board on a rolling basis. We are always looking for people who are deeply interested in board service and have the capacity to spend a two-year term serving as ambassadors for not only Sixty’s work, but also our Indigenous, diasporic, trans, queer, and disability communities.

Click here to read more about what board service with Sixty means and send your questions to Submit your self-nomination or nominate someone else through the following links:

Board of Directors

  • Tempestt Hazel, Curator, Writer, Co-Founder at Sixty Inches From Center
  • Britt Julious, Journalist, Editor and Music Critic for the Chicago Tribune
  • Annette LePique – Editor and Writer at Sixty Inches From Center
  • Dawn Rose, Director of Planning & Human Capital, Department of Neurosurgery at Northwestern Hospital, and Cerqua Rivera Dance Theatre Board of Directors

Ad Hoc Board Members

We offer optional participation to certain partners of Sixty where they are invited to be non-voting members of the board and provide input and insights into Sixty’s operations at the board level.

  • Tracy Drake, Archivist at Reed College and Founding Member of The Blackivists
  • Erin Glasco, Independent Archivists and Founding Member of The Blackivists