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Sixty’s community is expansive and includes readers, contributors, collaborators, co-conspirators, and supporters of all kinds. To match that same energy, Sixty offers an expansive list of ways you can support our work through donations and collaboration.

Your donations are vital for our ability to sustain and grow into the future of our work, we also thrive when other types of funding comes our way through paid partnerships. We welcome inquiries for co-created editorial projects, collaborative residencies for writers and artists, or other collaborations we can dream up together.

Check donations can be made out to “Sixty Inches From Center” and mailed to:

Sixty Inches From Center
436 E. 47th Street, #308
Chicago, IL 60653

Sixty is a tax exempt 501c3 organization.

How to support Sixty:

We’re grateful that for over a decade we have operated primarily off of the support of our readers and community. Give a one-time or monthly donation to help keep us going and directly support the work of Midwest artists, writers, and archivists.

Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do. Over the years, we’ve worked and partnered with over 50 local, regional, and national collectives, artist-run spaces, cultural organizations, archives, libraries, media outlets, foundations, and various other organizations.

We provide fiscal sponsorship to a handful of projects on a case-by-case basis as a way to advocate for and financially support the projects, ideas, and dreams of artists and others in our communities. By donating to them, you are also supporting Sixty’s ability to nurture more investment in the artists and culture of our communities.

We are partnering with bookbinding studio For the Birds Trapped in Airports to release books, zines, and other print projects–with the income going into funding our current and future archival, editorial, and print projects. Add one of our books or zines to your bookshelf.

Thoughtful and transparent relationships with grantmakers and program officers have fueled the growth of countless Sixty projects and team members. If you have or know of a grant opportunity that could be a fit for us, our programs, and our collective style, let us know.

If you’re deeply interested in board service and lending your time, knowledge, and skills in support of Sixty, consider submitting a nomination for our board. Sixty welcomes and accepts nominations on a rolling basis–and you can nominate yourself or anyone else who comes to mind.

We’re very familiar with how valuable non-monetary exchange, barter systems, and mutual aid can be. In the early years of Sixty, we were often fueled by exchanges of donated time, materials, spaces, resources, and support that came in many different forms. When partnering with small, artist-run spaces and projects, we consider barter-based proposals. For in-kind donations, right now, we are prioritizing donations of space, media-making equipment, studio access, print services, or advisory support (legal, financial, strategic). If you want to talk about barters or in-kind donations, email us at