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Jettison Quarterly Revisions Art and Culture

Jettison Quarterly is an online publication that features art and culture in Chicago. Like Sixty, Jettison documents and features interesting stories that are not always covered by other more ‘mainstream’ publications. In addition to that, Jettison bring to the table full-length features—because it is okay to actually spend time reading about Chicago’s rich cultural scene and not just soaking up small tidbits. We’ve been following Jettison since its inception and finally had the opportunity to put them under their own disco ball; they always display one at most of their events. PR Assistant, Meredith Weber, and Co-Founder, Emanuel Aguilar, both took a moment to talk about the publication. Nicolette Caldwell: How long have you been a part of Jettison and what is your role? Meredith Weber: I have been the PR Assistant since Fall 2010. We joke at Jettison that I want to be referred to as the FACE, but I do take promotion of Jettison very seriously. I believe whole-heartedly in the project and people behind it. Emanuel Aguilar: I was one of the …

SPEAK! Project: Sean Starowitz

Sean Starowitz wants to put Chicagoans on a soapbox.  His custom-built soapbox.  In August of 2010 as part of the Hey! We’re All Beginners Here exhibition at Roots & Culture, Starowitz walked the streets of Noble Square and asked passers by, friends and curator Mike Wolf to get on his soapbox and SPEAK! I took a moment and walked the streets with him, asked him a little about the project and even got up on the soapbox myself.  The annual air show was going on, so please excuse the jet you hear in the middle of the interview! SPEAK! Project with Sean Starowitz from Tempestt Hazel on Vimeo.

Hey, We Are All Beginners Here!

Roots and Culture hosted a new exhibition about oral, performative, written and visual communication entitled, Hey, We Are All Beginners Here! Line, Color, Form, Nutrients, and Affection, presented by StopGoStop also known as The Network of Crowded Art. We Are All Beginners Here! is described by StopGoStop as, “… a multi-headed hydra, a trans-temporal, trans-spatial, trans-disciplinary exhibition (a big show!) of mutating, mutable work by a cast of talented marginal characters.” As I walked around and took photographs of the show I came across an illustration and read this quote from it, “Actually, everybody’s a dragon, but current conditions discourage and disallow us to express those sinuous traits.” It really resonated with me and I happen to come to find some truth in this statement. I often evaluate the worth and weight of my degree. After spending a moment thinking about the mortgage I took on for a degree in Art History I realize I am not alone in the pursuit of a meaningful and valid career in the arts. It is funny, free knowledge is available at our fingertips if we choose …