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The Chicago Street Art Show

The show might be over but there’s still plenty to discuss regarding the Chicago Street Art Show. Below is a short video comprised of footage from installation days before the show opened. Audio was taken from interviews with participating artists including Goons, Hebru Brantley, CLS, and Co-Director of Chicago Urban Art Society, Peter Kepha. Chicago Street Art Show from Nicolette Caldwell on Vimeo. For more information about The Chicago Street Art Show and The Chicago Urban Art Society go to For more information about music by local Chicago band Kmang-Kmang go to

On Public Art: Oliver Hild of Maxwell Colette Gallery

Chicago has an abundant history of prolific graffiti writers and street artists. Outside of their own trusted community, many of these artists do not get the chance to speak about their experiences and their love for what they do. This series focuses on giving the microphone back to the artists who create public art in Chicago and those that foster it. Through these interviews our hope is to not only archive the efforts of these artists, but also to achieve a better understanding of the art itself—including why it’s important for graffiti art and street art to continue and receive more support. Oliver Hild of Maxwell Colette Gallery is undeniably making waves in the street art community. A collector of art since his twenty-something heyday, Hild was ahead of the game as a collector of (tongue in cheek) … “urban art.” And rightfully so, because unlike other collectors who just recently jumped on the street art bandwagon looking to make a quick fortune, Hild has a deep-rooted relationship, knowledge and sincere passion for it. In …

A Mayoral Engagement: What Does Art in Chicago Mean to You?

It is a Mayoral Engagement at The Chicago Urban Art Society. Join SIFC at Chicago Urban Art Society (CUAS) this Friday February 11th, 2011 for the Mayoral Meet and Greet for the Arts! SIFC will be asking, “What Does Art in Chicago Mean to You?” This is a great opportunity to engage in conversation and dialogue with other arts-minded people, local arts organizations, artists and arts educators. All mayoral candidates have been personally invited! On Friday, we are turning the SIFC photobooth into a videobooth confessional and asking one question all night long, “What does art in Chicago mean to you?” Help CUAS and the rest of Chicago’s art advocates in this extra campaign effort get ART elected!