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Sixty Collaborates with The Perch, Autotelic {Studios} & Threewalls



Sixty creates a collaboration among friends at Mana Contemporary in Pilsen.

For Threewalls’ annual gala, Sixty, The Perch and Autotelic {Studios} collaborated on a series of Community Supported Art (CSA)-inspired “Collector’s Cabinets” of work by some of the artists we’ve built relationships with over the years.  Each collection came in a custom-built box that was engraved by the artists who generously donated their time and work to support our organizations.

Our 10 boxes featured a unique mix of the following artists:

James Jankowiak, Amanda Williams, Samantha Hill, Krista Franklin, Spudnik Press Cooperative (Dutes Miller, Onsmith & Nudd, Daniel Luedtke, Veronica Siehl, Hannah Ireland, Sanya Glisic & Lilli Carré), Stephen Flemister, Sarah & Joseph Belknap, Jessica Pierotti, Jeffrey Michael Austin, Victor Yañez-Lazcano, Matt Austin, Adam Grossi, Jovencio de la Paz, Dan Paz, Justin Nalley, Jesús Mejía + Ruth, Todd Diederich, Maren Celeste, Evan Carrison, Andi Crist, Alice Feldt, Ali Noe and Danielle Chenette.

Click here to see the Collector’s Cabinets and the work from the artists.

Pictured: Dutes Miller, donated by Spudnik Press Cooperative.

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