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The Artist’s Responsibility

Let me ask you this: What is an artist’s responsibility? Should they take the ideas that shape contemporary society and translate them into a visual language? Are they the ones who bear the weight of our cultural legacy? Is their purpose to leave the world in a more beautiful state than it was in when they entered it? Are they meant to teach us about our world, about ourselves and about each other? Or are they only responsible for the manifestation of their own ideas, whether they speak to a greater social context or a more individual one? Could it be a combination of several of these things? Whether it is intentional or not, we often impose a series of expectations on artists and the art that we see and how it should function in the world. We then make decisions on whether or not the work lives up to those expectations. Taking this into consideration I decided to ask several artists to share their thoughts on what expectations they have set for themselves by …

AMP-CHI: A Creative Collaboration

Elastic Arts collaborates with many people in the local and national art world to bring Chicago some of the most interesting mixes of creative forms. As part of SIFC Chicago’s Going Mobile campaign, Elastic was one of the stops because AMP-CHI, the brainchild of Alpha Bruton and Susan Fox brought together Chicago artists, musicians and poets for a night of complete sensory stimulation–words for your mind, music for your ears and art for your eyes.  As Artet, the jazz trio headed by Hanah Jon Taylor, played an amazing blend of experimental jazz, Alpha Bruton created live work on a projector through a combination of illustrations on transparencies and the pouring of watercolor, which projected onto the band.  The exchange of inspiration was transferred back and forth from artist to musician–it was obvious how they were reacting to one another.  To learn more about how AMP-CHI came to the Elastic stage, I spoke with Susan Fox, the curator of the event, who also serves as Development & Outreach Coordinator for Elastic Arts. AMP-CHI at Elastic Arts …

Stretching the limits of Vision & Sound: Elastic Arts Foundation

Elastic Arts Foundation has made a home in various parts of Chicago.  Their latest location in Logan Square has served as a venue for every genre of music imaginable–whether its the music they make or welcoming in other musicians.  Their current space has also allowed the founders of Elastic, Samuel Lewis and Paul Giallorenzo, to open their doors to displaying the work of local and national visual artists.  The following is a selection from the interview Sixty had with Paul and Sam. Elastic Arts Foundation from Tempestt Hazel on Vimeo. Music by Tall Black Guy Productions.