Paper Trail

September 20, 2014 · Archives

A brief video-chronicle of the Black Arts Movement alongside the writing of JeNae’ Taylor.

past this down to me

give me a story that fills silent vacancies

covering echoes that long to be shallow

i just want to know you

as the being you wanted to be/were/was/am still

Prompt, complete each line then place in a safe place to be given to someone as an heirloom

I am

Otherwise known as

Because in

So I chose to


For example:

i am JeNae’

otherwise known as creator and adventurer

because in 2014 my body bore witness to many inhumane travesties

so i chose record this history through the lens of poetry while searching for God


Top Image: Barbara Jones–Hogu, Unite, screen print, 1971.


Jenae Taylor Headshot JeNae’ Taylor is a creative thinker, youth enthusiast, thought producer and possibility believer currently moving throughout Chicago.