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GATEKEEPERS, a limited edition print by Caroline Walp


We commissioned artist Caroline Walp to give form to our latest issue. Available for purchase!

In progress GATEKEEPERS print by Caroline Walp.

GATEKEEPERS by Caroline Walp is a limited edition print commissioned by Sixty Inches From Center through a partnership with our friends at Spudnik Press Cooperative. GATEKKEPERS comes in a limited edition of 60, 40 of the prints are used to help raise funds for Sixty’s next issue and Sixty Offline events while the other 20 are given to the artists to sell, alter and do what they’d like with.

Print Info: GATEKEEPERS, 10.5″ x 15.5″, French Paper, 2015. Printed at Spudnik Press Cooperative.

Prints are no longer on sale.

Shipping is free and prints will ship within 3-5 business days of your purchase.

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