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Collaborate and Create: Jenny Lam’s Exquisite Corpse

Collaborate and Create: Jenny Lam's Exquisite Corpse
Most curators of contemporary art learn early in their careers that the general public cares a helluva lot less about the artwork they display than they do. But Jenny Lam is not like most curators, and Chicagoans flocked to the opening and closing receptions of her most recent show, Exquisite Corpse, like seagulls to a sandwich left unattended at the beach. A recent graduate of Columbia University—think... 

Week Ends, Art Begins || September 16th – 18th

Week Ends, Art Begins || September 16th – 18th
FRIDAY || SEPTEMBER 16th, 2011 UPLIFT Believe Inn is happy to present a showing of art by artists who love to make art. Art & artists will be in attendance. Friends, associates & companions of artists will also be present, and some artist’s friends, associates & companions may also be artists. Those who are not artists will quite likely be artists too. Everyone will smile, be friendly... 
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