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RAW: The Blend

Art is not just about the visual.  It is an experience that excites all of the senses.  This is something that RAW: Natural Born Artists embraces with enthusiasm.  The Chicago chapter of the nationwide artists collective hosted their May show “The Blend” at the Double Door in Wicker Park this past Thursday night.

The Blends’ lineup featured 27 different artists, including painters, photographers, jewelry designers, musicians, fashion designers and dancers.  Performances on stage ranged from a solo guitarist to a belly dancer to a fashion show.  The atmosphere of the show felt like an exuberant blend of a concert and a gallery opening; guests would grab a drink at the bar, listen to the music happening on the stage, and walk around to check out the three floors of artists displaying work.  That was the main draw for both artists involved and the viewers.  “[What intrigued me] was that it’s a giant art show in Wicker Park that is a cross-media collaboration,” said Red Feathered Frock artist Lindsay Kunhardt, first-time RAW artist.  This, as well as the support from RAW, is what keeps artists coming back to participate in more shows.  “Once you are in RAW, you are part of the RAW family,” said New York City-based Angela Brown of Scarfia Designs Jewelry.  “I love that I’m from Brooklyn, but I can come to Chicago and feel like I have family here.  Kara was very open to any ideas that I had, and she was willing to support me in it.  I wouldn’t be here selling jewelry in Chicago if it wasn’t for RAW.”

In the midst of upbeat energy of the show, I got the chance to speak with Kara Coraci, the event coordinator for The Blend.  “All of our performances have everything from fashion designers to filmmakers; it’s a collaborative’” she explained to me.  “I hand-pick art that I find beautiful myself, or that would be intriguing to other people.  You will also find that everyone’s work here is very unique on its own.    What’s great about it is that people who don’t necessarily think that they should be networking, network.  Photographers meet fashion designers and accessory designers.  Hair stylists meet photographers.  It’s really great to see everyone come together like that.  It’s an organization unlike anything else.“

If your love of artistic talent and passion is not exclusive to visual arts, this is the show for you.  This is a show that will intrigue all of your senses, and show you a good time in the process.  RAW: Natural Born Artists has been active in Chicago for a year and functions actively in over 60 cities nationwide with new branches coming soon to Australia. While venues may vary, RAW seems to have found its haven in Wicker Park.  “We are very happy here at Double Door,” Kara told me, “so we are looking forward to many more RAW showcases here in the future,” The next show is June 28 at Double Door, and there will be over 20 artists of various media featured in that show.

For more information on The Blend, please visit the show’s web page here.  To learn more about RAW in Chicago, upcoming shows, and calls for artists, click here. 

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  1. Bad Bad Meow says:

    Great article! We( Bad Bad Meow) was so honored to be a part of an amazing event!

  2. Bad Bad Meow says:

    Great article! We( Bad Bad Meow) was so honored to be a part of an amazing event! So many great artists and acts!

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