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Weekly Guide to Art in Chicago // March 5th – March 11th, 2012

Our weekly calendar is a list of visual art related events happening in Chicago. The events that we choose are loosely curated based on the information that is put in front of us. If you would like to take advantage of having your event listed on our website please send a press release to nicolettecaldwell(at)

MONDAY || March 5th, 2012

A Plaines Project Reading
Steve Roggenbuck is an MFA drop-out, traveling across the country and staying with friends while he works to grow his blog following. He has many e-books, videos, and poems free to view online, as well as a brand-new print book, CRUNK JUICE. He encourages all of you to add him on Facebook.

Madeleine Wurm-“Meta-sexual, post-hygiene, Madeleine Wurm is from St. Louis, attended school in Iowa, and now lives in Logan Square. She has some poems about restlessness in her jean jacket.”

John Thurgood- J Patrick Thurgood studied writing at a state university in San Francisco. His fiction and essays have appeared in Untoward Magazine, Freedumbzine, and The Logan Square Literary Review, among others. And every Wednesday, he tutors young people at 826CHICAGO.

Michelle Krivanek- lives in a tent & has an MFA from California College of the Arts in creative writing. Her interest in sonics has lead her to saving, recording, and composing her voicemails, which she will play/perform at the event.

Now with visuals by Mark Fragassi of Toupe and musical accompaniment by KG Price of your dreams.

Plaines Project
1822 S Des Plaines St.
Chicago, IL
7:00 – 10:00p


TUESDAY || March 6th, 2012

Work/Life Balance Panel
You told us, we listened! Coming right up, a panel comprised of A-mazing pros armed with tips and experience in work/life balance. You’ll get the view from a variety of perspectives. Small business owner, Meghan Malloy. Self-publishing author of the novel Shadow Swans and National Geographic Research Manager, Laura Thomas. Super-star IDEO working mom, Elizabeth Spenko. Entreprenuer and founder of Ripple Theory, Nick Pernia. Doctoral student and photographer, Jeremy Steglitz.

This busy-prone panel will discuss the secret of their work/life zen. Come mingle, snack and get the scoop on how to walk the fine line of pursuing your dreams by working hard and keeping a fulfilling personal life too!

Next Door Chicago
659 West Diversey
Chicago, IL 60614


WEDNESDAY || March 7th, 2012



THURSDAY || March 8th, 2012

Tomonari Nishikawa & Small – Gauge Japan
Working in formats ranging from Super 8 to 35mm still photographic film, Tomonari Nishikawa constructs his films through precise single-frame shooting, elaborate masking, superimposition, and in-camera editing. He transforms the elements of urban life into multilayered abstractions of light, movement, and space. This evening Nishikawa will present a selection of his own works alongside a survey of films by other contemporary Japanese filmmakers working in small-gauge formats. 2005–11, Multiple directors, Japan/USA/Thailand, Various formats, ca 80 minutes + discussion.

Gene Siskel Film Center of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago
164 North State Street
Chicago, IL 60601
6:00 – 9:00pm

Chicago Nocturne: Opening Reception
Get ready for IALS next exhibition, Chicago Nocturne, a multifaceted art show that draws from the rich history of artists using light as inspiration. Chicago Nocturne is curated by Logan Square residents and SAIC grads, Michael and Viviana Langhoff.

Chicago Nocturne’s opening reception on March 8th from 6-8:30 pm will include live music by Alert, a cross-genre hip-hop artist group and singer, songwriter, Catalina Bellizzi as well as readings by Daniel Majid, editor of Logan Square Literary Review, poetry by Anthony Rosati who studied writing at SAIC and a collaborative writing project by the show’s curators, Michael and Viviana Langhoff.

Food and drink by Revolution Brewing and Paper Moon Pastry!

I AM Logan Square
2644 N. Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL 60647
6:00 – 8:30pm


FRIDAY || March 9th, 2012

Chicago Zine Fest 2012
The Chicago Zine Fest will be taking place March 9th and 10th with various events taking part throughout the city.

1-3pm at Columbia College Conoway Center (1104 S Wabash)
Gender, Race and Sexuality; A Discussion with Cristy Road, Mimi Thi Nguyen and Anne Elizabeth Moore*

6-7pm at 826CHI (1331 N Milwaukee Ave)
Zines: The Next Generation Youth reading*
7-9pm at 826CHI
Exhibitor Reading*

9:30-Midnight at Quimby’s Bookstore (1854 W North Ave)
2012 Spring Zine Olympics
Hosted by Billy Da Bunny

The Conaway Center
1104 S Wabash
Chicago, IL
For more information go to:

FM*Gallery is pleased to present a series of new oil paintings by FM*Artist – Andrew Rauhauser.

“Mr. Rauhauser’s paintings draw on a wide variety of themes in response to his surroundings and his keen awareness of social and art history. He mainly works in a realist, illusionistic mode, perhaps because his midwestern roots lead him to ground his paintings in a physical reality.” – M.B.

“A painting must be more than simply an image” – Rauhauser

Rauhauser gives his work a tactile reality that invites prolonged viewing. He is pushed to work beyond what he knows. He will turn on and off the illusion of apparent depth using flat passages combined with deep space; contrast thick and thin applications of paint, or combine loose with heavily worked passages.

310 N. Peoria St.
Chicago, IL 60607

Alan and Michael Fleming: GAME ON
For the past year Alan and Michael Fleming had been living apart for the first time in their history as twin brothers. Stretched between New York and Chicago they reinvented their practice and experimented with a sustainable model for working together long distance. Their work takes many forms – performances, video pieces, drawings, and sculptures, creating humorous and poignant reflections on their collaborative relationship.

GAME ON features two bodies of work from Alan and Michael Fleming; one from this last year when living separately and the other made after reuniting in New York. While apart, the Fleming Brothers made packages, postcards, Polaroids, and calendars as a record of their communication and as a “pyschic game.” Playing with the cliche of latent twin pyschic abilities, their efforts became a genuine investigation of cerebral collaboration. Trying to think of the same color every day, or playing “rock, paper, scissors” over the phone and not knowing who won for months became a metaphor for a disjointed studio practice. Through these materials and objects they tried to map their distance and reflect on what our collaboration meant (or could mean) now that they were separated.

The second body of work on display (made while in the same city) captures the brothers reunited in play through a variety of different media including performance for video, drawing, and sculpture. Works like 100 Balanced Cans of Beer includes formal elements of repetition and balance while others such as Who’s Bad? a video of Alan, a trained dancer, teaching Michael, an amateur, how to dance like Michael Jackson focuses on concepts of measurement, learning, and failure.

119 N. Peoria #2C, North
Chicago, IL 60607
6:00 – 9:00p

VOCES DE MUJERES III–Celebrating International Women’s Day

There may be no better way to celebrate International Women’s Day than to showcase seven women artists, who, in their unique voices, expdress the mystical, magical reality of being a woman. With influences from Brazil, Belize, Mexico, and the United States, the passion, the playfullness, and the power of women everywhere is felt through their paintings and sculptures.

Carlos & Dominguez Fine Arts Gallery is pleased and honored to present these accomplished women artists during this year’s Women’s Month. Please join us for the Opening Reception. Food and refreshments will be served. The exhibition closes on April 6, 2012. Exhibition showings: by appointment.

Carlos & Dominguez Fine Arts Gallery
1538 W. Cullerton Street
Chicago, IL
6:00 – 10:00pm

Gallery Opening: New Work by Jesse Harrod and Elijah Burgher
Please join us here at LivingRoom for this special show featuring two amazing local artists, Jesse Harrod and Elijah Burgher. Our bodies accelerate quickly into extremes of pleasure and pain, often it is only the best of lovers, of landscapes, or of experiences that can tame, tease, or guide our entry into either realm. What pleasure and pain look like or feel like, though, is deeply unclear, is abstract, is insidious, is different for everyone. There is no one to one relationship when it comes to this. The serene garden hiding pistils and traps. The covert messages and innuendos of any symbolic act. The excruciating things we want to have happen.

1530 W. Superior St.
Chicago, IL 60642
6:00 – 9:00pm

Dissolution – Kristina Paabus and Charles Mahaffee
For more information go to:  AND

Eel Space
1906 S Throop St #2F
Chicago, IL 60608
7:00 – 10:00pm

Octagon Open House
Choosing which art show to attend is a difficult decision. At the Octagon Gallery you will find clean and well maintained facilities accompanied by a friendly and knowledgeable staff. We provide palatable beverages, soothing sounds for your ears and a safe environment to view art. The Octagon Gallery is now located in the West Loop and is only steps away from Chicago’s best bars, restaurants and commercial art galleries. Please Join us on Friday, March 9th from 7-11pm at 120 N Green Street.

The Octagon Gallery
120 N Green St Unit 3b
Chicago, IL 60607
7:00 – 11:00pm

Bike Winter Fashion Show
The closing party for the 15th Annual Bike Winter Art Show features a bike fashion show produced by the folks at Rapid Transit Cycleshop.

Gala Gallery
1000 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago, Illinois
7:00 – 11:00pm

LIGHTWATER: Works by Jessica Bardsley
The NIGHTINGALE is delighted to present a program of recent work by Chicago based film and videomaker, Jessica Bardsley. Based in essay and observational styles, Bardsley’s pieces are at once personal and universal. Moving adeptly between lo-fi video and 16mm, travelogue and more structured portraits, Bardsley uses personal inquiry to unravel the constructedness of testimony and inhabit the fictive dimension of history.

1084 N. Milwaukee
Chicago, IL
8:00 – 11:00pm

SANS presents a sprawling group exhibition featuring the work of five of ACRE’s 2011 residents working in a range of mediums and dealing with absence, loss, and change.

Co-Prosperity Sphere
3219-21 S. Morgan St.
Chicago, IL 60608
7:00 – 10:00pm


SATURDAY || March 10th, 2012

Piranha Club #2: The Last Last Meal
In September of last year, the state of Texas (which coincidentally is the state that puts the most prisoners to death) banned the millennia- old practice of serving a last meal to an inmate awaiting their execution. The last last meal was served to Lawrence Russell Brewer who, in protest, refused to eat the excessive spread of favorite foods that he requested.

For Piranha Club #2 we will share Brewer’s last meal order:
Big bowl of fried okra with ketchup
Two chicken fried steaks smothered in gravy and onions
Cheese omelet stuffed with ground beef, tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, and jalapeños
Triple meat bacon cheeseburger
Three fajitas
One pound of BBQ
Half a loaf of white bread
Pizza meat lover’s special
One pint vanilla ice cream
One slab of peanut butter fudge with crushed peanuts
Root beer

Roots & Culture
1034 N Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago, IL
$30 // RSVP to
Capacity: 10 seats

Chicago Zine Fest 2012
The Chicago Zine Fest will be taking place March 9th and 10th with various events taking part throughout the city.

Saturday March 10th
11-6pm Columbia College’s Conoway Center (1104 S Wabash)
Zine Exhibition
Featuring 150+ tablers with self-published zines and books for sale/trade. Along with a DIY Film Fest, workshops, panels, kids’ activities and MORE!

The Conaway Center
1104 S Wabash
Chicago, IL
For more information go to:

Axis Mundi: Artist Talk with Jason Brammer
Hear Jason Brammer talk about his work and creative process behind the “Exploring Axis Mundi: The Still Point At The Center Of The Turning Universe” exhibition. After the talk, there will be time for questions and hanging out.

Firecat Projects
2124 N. Damen
Chicago, IL 60647
2:00 – 4:00pm

NOSTALGIA: Artist Discussion & Group Show
Please join us Saturday, March 10 for a discussion lead by Stephanie Burke & Jeriah Hildwine with the artists from our NOSTALGIA series: Jake Myers, Jessica Taylor Caponigro, Claire Ashley, Emily Green, Aay Preston-Myint, Min Song. A group exhibition of work from this series will also be on view, accompanied by photographic documentation.

Happy Collaborationists Exhibition Space
1254 N Noble
Chicago, Illinois
4:00 – 6:00pm

The Failure of Rational Thought
Rieben constructs an uncanny logic of place and time in his brooding landscapes. The viewer is
lured in – an avatar in a grim war or humorous game – and implicated in the narrative. In an
unabashed act of picture making, Rieben negotiates abstraction, semiotics and representation. Forms serve, and serve as, content in Rieben’s elastic handling of paint. He erects a pyramid from
a hundred blunt strokes, laying bricks of a hundred nuanced hues. Longing translates into a
cavern of littered statuary. Lighthouses ejaculate saturated prismatics. Heroic and fantastical
figures are sponged out from robust, waxy blacks – analogue taking on RPGs with the swipe of a
turp-soaked rag. In the end, Rieben’s canvases are both windows and objects whose graphic
explosions record and reveal their own making.

The Bike Room
1109 W. North Shore Ave
Chicago, IL 60626
4:00pm – 7:00pm

Scenic Riot: New Paintings by BASK
BASK is the moniker of one, Ales BASK Hostomsky, who along with his parents emigrated from Czechoslovakia to Florida and began to soak up America’s popular iconic imagery along with the sun. He quickly began to notice similarities between the communistic iconic propaganda from his youth and the consumer advertising of his teens. Bask soon discovered that they were simply, two sides of the same coin, each vying for our short-lived attention spans, all the while selling us (or telling us?) anything and everything from Marxism to McDonalds. Seeking conspiracies -and finding them embedded in the popular iconography of the mass media, Bask began painting bold, media critical broadsides to assuage his fear of being manipulated. A fear cultivated in a repressive regime, had now returned, but to the most unlikely and safest of places- The American living room.

For years, BASK has had his finger on the pulse of the social underbelly and advertising machine that we as society, often fall victim to. With each texturally layered painting, the artist deconstructs and reconstructs social iconography in order to comment on our various surroundings/settings, all while keeping a visually striking color palette and playful “childlike” illustrations.

1800 N. Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL 60647
6:00 – 10:00pm


SUNDAY || March 11th, 2012

A Line Describing Eternity explores the ephemeral, knowing that sensations can never accurately be conveyed. Through subtle gestures and their resulting artifacts Rynkiewicz attempts to actualize the immaterial with objects, embracing the tension between the two. Much like drawing an endless line, these works aim to picture that which cannot exist.

ACRE Projects
1913 W. 17th Street
Chicago, IL 60608
4:00 – 8:00pm


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