Month: June 2011

Pawn Works Presents, Clown Soldier

It has been a week since Gabriel Specter’s show ended and Nick and Seth of Pawn Works already have prepared another entirely new show featuring a print maker and street artist who goes by the alias of “Clown Soldier.” The show is called Human Cannonball and the opening took place this past Friday, June 24th. The artist was available for an interview so be sure to keep posted next week to learn more about the artist and Pawn Works. Below you will find a short slide show with images from the installation along with featured music by local Chicago band Kmang-Kmang. Clown Soldier ‘Human Cannonball’ from Nicolette Caldwell on Vimeo. For more information about Pawn Works go to If you want to see more work by the artist the show runs for the next two weeks. You may also check out the artist’s website at To learn more about the music featured in the slide show go to Pawn Works is located at 1050 North Damen Avenue.  

The Art of Cultural Fusion: A Conversation with Gitte Bog

The art world is a small world. As we move through it, it tends to shrink more and more. This was made clear when I found myself in conversation with Danish artist Gitte Bog. She was in town for two days completing two ongoing projects with parts that started in Chicago more than a year ago. Curious about her request for a sign that read, “I am looking for participants for two art projects relating to Chicago”, and her request for permission to sit at a table in the lobby of the Chicago Cultural Center, I asked her about her projects. While she described the one which was done for last year’s Vers10n Fest at the Zhou B Art Center, I realized that I had participated in it. My wrapper with its shot-in-the-dark translation of a Danish word into English was floating in the sea of colorful wrappers that she had collected over the years. Centered around language, taste and things lost in translation, the candies project is a perfect illustration of what is at …

The Chicago Street Art Show

The show might be over but there’s still plenty to discuss regarding the Chicago Street Art Show. Below is a short video comprised of footage from installation days before the show opened. Audio was taken from interviews with participating artists including Goons, Hebru Brantley, CLS, and Co-Director of Chicago Urban Art Society, Peter Kepha. Chicago Street Art Show from Nicolette Caldwell on Vimeo. For more information about The Chicago Street Art Show and The Chicago Urban Art Society go to For more information about music by local Chicago band Kmang-Kmang go to