Paper Trail

by / 8 Comments / 102 View / September 20, 2014

past this down to me

give me a story that fills silent vacancies

covering echoes that long to be shallow

i just want to know you

as the being you wanted to be/were/was/am still

Prompt, complete each line then place in a safe place to be given to someone as an heirloom

I am

Otherwise known as

Because in

So I chose to


For example:

i am JeNae’

otherwise known as creator and adventurer

because in 2014 my body bore witness to many inhumane travesties

so i chose record this history through the lens of poetry while searching for God


Top Image: Barbara Jones–Hogu, Unite, screen print, 1971.


Jenae Taylor Headshot JeNae’ Taylor is a creative thinker, youth enthusiast, thought producer and possibility believer currently moving throughout Chicago. 

8 Comment

  1. I’m proud of you, Nae’. I liked the passing on of information. That’s cool.

  2. I love it. It was very deep and the meaning was very clear. I loved that I learned something…. This is something I must share with my family and especially my children…..

  3. Awesome job!!! Love the historical photos & the method of keeping our traditions alive 🙂

  4. Incredible!

  5. Love this piece cuz ur amazing keep hope alive. AWESOME!

  6. So beautiful, JeNae’! Brings back such sweet memories of BAM 2009 with your secret note broadside and the the Black Love performance project! Love this idea, love this video!

  7. I thought it was artistic and very informative. Thanks so much for keeping us informed. You made a great piece of art for my children to learn from.

  8. Bravo my Dearest SisterFriend Jenae, Spirit and physical laws seem to come together, in your words and symbolic representation of Divine Intent; and then engage in a beautiful quantum dance of healing and wonderment! Thank you for taking the loving time to create such a powerful testament to who we are! Love Your SisterFriend Marie

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