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Why Joseph Beuys? A Short Follow Up With Adrian Moens

Two weeks ago artist Adrian Moens and I spoke about his exhibition at the Comfort Station located. For fun I presented him with a short survey of six questions called, “The Six Inch Survey.” Below is a brief follow up to the answers he came up with. You can find the original Q and A session here.

Why Joseph Beuys?
Joseph was a healer and he believed in people. To him, I think, art was medicine. It is incredibly admirable.

What does love smell like?
Love smells different depending on the person. Love for my father smells like sulfur from a match and then cigarette smoke in the back seat of his old rusted out Mazda. But I’m eight years old, so its just a memory of a smell–it lingers though.

Why naked over nude?
Naked abandons rules, scoffs at the tired, wagging finger. Wild and unadulterated, naked fills me with a solitude and self-awareness, more profound than the surface of my flesh and a deep sense of ownership of my being. Nude feels heavy-handed and historically manufactured. Rigid, defined, ordained… an idealization of form.

Adrian Moens. transmit/transmute. Comfort Station. Logan Square, Chicago IL. July 2011.

“Adrian Moens’ multimedia exhibit and installation transmit/transmute integrates sound, sculpture, video, writing and painting. The underlying, and often paired, themes of rhythm and resonance, loss and removal, and empathy and revulsion are addressed through carefully considered minutiae of discreet words, imagery objects and sounds.” (This is an excerpt taken from a full press release provided by The Comfort Station.) The exhibition transmit/transmute will run until July 22.

The Comfort Station is located at 2579 North Milwaukee Avenue

To learn more about the artist, Adrian Moens and the Comfort Station go to