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Disrupting the system with Emmy Lingscheit

Emmy Lingscheit is a visual artist and Associate Professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Lingscheit’s work can broadly be characterized by attention to detail: in formal qualities such as color selection, choice of text, and the intricacies of mark-making, but also in the choice of subject matter. Her work addresses the human condition by looking at the systems we create to govern our lives, calling into question the ways in which social and cultural justices are not compatible with such systems. She interrogates these systems, particularly environmental ones, to understand how the ways we “otherize” the natural world is directly related to the ways we “otherize” people, marking both as exploitable and disposable. One strategy Lingscheit employs is drawing the viewer in with technical savvy and grace; her work is gorgeous. The repetition of marks and imagery hypnotize the viewer so much so that looking at her work is analogous to the ways in which we are swept up in these systems. Though there is a sense of wanting to spend more time …

Pawn Works Presents, Clown Soldier

It has been a week since Gabriel Specter’s show ended and Nick and Seth of Pawn Works already have prepared another entirely new show featuring a print maker and street artist who goes by the alias of “Clown Soldier.” The show is called Human Cannonball and the opening took place this past Friday, June 24th. The artist was available for an interview so be sure to keep posted next week to learn more about the artist and Pawn Works. Below you will find a short slide show with images from the installation along with featured music by local Chicago band Kmang-Kmang. Clown Soldier ‘Human Cannonball’ from Nicolette Caldwell on Vimeo. For more information about Pawn Works go to If you want to see more work by the artist the show runs for the next two weeks. You may also check out the artist’s website at To learn more about the music featured in the slide show go to Pawn Works is located at 1050 North Damen Avenue.  

Spudnik Press: November Drink and Draw

Two weeks ago I spent my second Wednesday night at the Drink and Draw hosted by Spudnik Press. Every first Wednesday, Chicago artists gather to sketch, doodle, chat, and drink from 7:30 to 9:30 over in Chicago’s eerily quiet industrial corridor. Despite the remote location, the attendance has been high both times I’ve dropped by. On Wednesday, seating was scarce, but whether at a light table or crammed onto the couch, everyone managed to find a place to draw. Though I showed up alone, I soon found a spot at a large table and sat down surrounded by unfamiliar faces. Like most of my visits to Spudnik, an encounter with strangers soon turned into a lively conversation. Working through the night’s theme (imaginary landscapes) and chatting with some East Coast artists about how they made their way to Chicago, before I knew it, it was 9:30. I’ve been criticized for attending an event called the Drink and Draw when I don’t drink and rarely draw. What pulls me in is the feeling of community that …