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Penning and Personal Style: A Prom Night Interview with Britt Julious

“It’s my Bladerunner, freelance writer uniform…” Britt Julious, The Back Talk

Britt Julious is a writer whose articles have graced the digital and printed pages of the Chicago Tribune, Vice, The Guardian, MTV News, WBEZ–the list goes on. When she’s not writing for these publications, you can find her intelligence, quick-wit and charm  in the form of Britticisms throughout the web. What you may not immediately know when reading her writing is that she has a stunning signature style that truly reflects the energy held within her words.   This is one of many reasons that we have asked her to be a Chaperone for Prom Night.  In this short video, produced by Prom Night collaborators Matt Austin and Jeff Austin, Britt discusses her own style and what will potentially catch her eye when making her choices for Prom Court.


Catch Britt’s attention during Prom Night at Chicago Art Department on Saturday, February 14, 2015 at 7pm. Get your Stag, Couple or Clique tickets HERE.

Feature Image Credit: Matt Austin