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Basement Show by Parking Space

In their own words:

“Parking Space is a collaborative curatorial project initiated by artists Andrew J. Greene, EJ Hill and Matthew Schaffer that seeks to create a broader discourse and exchange of ideas within the Chicago arts community. We attempt to engage with the several disparate artistic communities within Chicago while also considering how we can more broadly interact with communities outside of Chicago (cities, national or international) in the hope of creating a platform that provides inter-connectivity and an exchange of ideas within these communities.

The name Parking Space refers to the transitory nature of our curatorial practice, and as we inhabit a new space with each show our curatorial aims shift dramatically.

Parking Space is unapologetically idealistic.”

–taken from Parking Space Chicago on Facebook.

On September 24, 2010 Parking Space presented the work of Brandon Warren Alvendia, Caroline Polachek, Daniel Sullivan, Eleni Ann Kelaidis, Justin Thomas Schaefer, Marion Ramos, Michael Thibault, Scott Reeder and Tyson Reeder in Basement Show. As one of the shortest people in the room, it was one occasion where I could smile about my height. Here are some shots from the show:

Basement Show by Parking Space from Tempestt Hazel on Vimeo.