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Mixed, Matched and Embroidered: A Prom Night Interview with Victoria Martinez

“…my personal style [is] a mix and match of different patterns and hand-me-downs, such as accessories and scarves, earrings, embroidered shirts. Those are just the things I’m drawn to in my art and also with other people…” – Victoria Martinez

Victoria Martinez knows fabrics well. She is a master of mixing electric textures and patterns in her fiber-based collages and urban interventions, which are directly reflected in her style of dress. In that way her art and her daily life are inextricably linked. Victoria’s art and its relationship to her style beautifully illustrates what’s at the heart of Prom Night–a linking of the art we love or make with how that creativity manifests in our everyday lives and familiar experiences we all share. This is one of many reasons that we have asked her to be a Chaperone and also an artist creating corsages/boutonnieres for Prom Night.  In this short video, produced by The Perch, Victoria describes her own style and what will potentially catch her eye when making her choices for Prom Court.




See what Victoria will be wearing for Prom Night at Chicago Art Department on Saturday, February 14, 2015 at 7pm. Get your Stag, Couple or Clique tickets HERE.

Feature Image Credit: Matt Austin