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Geoffrey Todd Smith and Josh Mannis at Western Exhibitions

Western Exhibitions opened two corresponding exhibits this month– Looker, a collection of Geoffrey Todd Smith’s intricate geometric paintings, and Fashion, a hypnotic video installation by Josh Mannis. Smith painstakingly works acrylic, gouache, and ink into colorful optical candy reminiscent of spirograph drawings and beadwork. Whimsical titles like Indecent Docent and The Flirtation Station provide the abstract works with an extra layer of intrigue. Some of the works sport neutral color schemes like cream and camel flirting with repetitions of black. The more color-saturated pieces are seldom consistently bright, but instead feature unexpected accents of subdued shades. The most captivating are the compositions with meticulous gel pen linework over  elliptical patterns, like the red-and-purple-schemed Gentlemen Crawler (Detail shown above. Image courtesy of Western Exhibitions).

A Freeway to a Three-Way, Geoffrey Todd Smith. Photo by Lindsey Auten.

Phantom Liminal, Geoffrey Todd Smith. Photo by Lindsey Auten.


Josh Mannis’s Fashion inhabits the second exhibit space deeper within the gallery. The domineering work features a dancer in a tracksuit and an altered Bob Gates mask cutting loose with no holds barred to catchy, scratchy house music. His plethora of party-appropriate dance skills is multiplied and layered in bouts of frenzied video editing for a product that is utterly mesmerizing. In all its Youtube-worthy glory, Fashion might be considered an amusingly relevant answer to Pop art.

Still from Fashion, Josh Mannis. Photo courtesy of Western Exhibitions


Geoffrey Todd Smith’s Looker and Josh Mannis’s Fashion will be on display at Western Exhibitions, 845 W Washington Blvd., 2nd Floor, until October 20. For more information visit