Cosquilleo en las Hemorroides

December 12, 2023 · Bilingual, Comics, Happenings

Sesenta presenta a new addition to the bilingual comic series by Carlos Matallana respondiendo a el concert de Pelican and Uniform at Metro Chicago, October 24, 2023.

Cosquilleo en las Hemorroides Bilingual Comic Banner with black and white characters discussing the amount of stairs at Metro Chicago and the title of the comic in bright red letters over a bright blue color.
All original arte hecho by Carlos Matallana for Sesenta, 2023.

Carlos Matallana Portrait made by his teenage children Marcela and Samuel Matallana, 2021.

About the artist: Carlos Matallana’s (He/Him) illustration tool is ink/pen on paper, He relies on high contrast and its expressionism qualities. Like an anonymous quiet observant, he prefers to illustrate his characters from the back. He enjoys illustrating full body characters standing or in movement, revealing attitudes and feelings through posture or even clothing instead of facial expressions. He published the graphic novel Brea in 2018. Instagram @tropipunk