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In the Photo Booth at, What’s Your Art?

In the Photo Booth at, What's Your Art?
On Saturday, December 3rd, Sixty Inches From Center (SIFC) and WBEZ teamed up to present “What’s Your Art?, a celebration of art centers in Chicago. SIFC took the opportunity to invite attendees to sit in our photo booth and tell us, why art matters to them. Throughout the day attendees participated in a wide range of activities from the twelve participating art centers and a performance by the... 

Sixty on Sixty: An Interview with Nicolette Caldwell

Sixty on Sixty: An Interview with Nicolette Caldwell
In between rounds of PBJ at The Boiler Room, I interviewed our very own Nicolette Caldwell, who co-founded Sixty Inches From Center with Tempestt Hazel. Sixty on Sixty is a new series in which SIFCers interview one another, allowing readers to get to know the fine folks who bring you the latest from Chicago’s art scene. Nicolette Caldwell in Paris, France. June 2007. (Image courtesy of Nicolette... 

What’s Your Art?: Video

What's Your Art?: Video
Both Chicago Urban Art Society and Lillstreet Art Center are participating in What’s Your Art? A celebration of Chicago’s Neighborhood Art Centers. Sixty Inches from Center is collaborating with WBEZ as part of their Off Air Series to showcase unique art centers within Chicago. Join us on Saturday, June 4th from 1-5 pm at the Chicago Cultural Center, 78 East Washington Street, for “What’s... 
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