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Sixty’s Top Picks of 2012

Sixty's Top Picks of 2012
As Sixty continues to explore all facets of visual art in Chicago, we asked some of our contributors to reflect back on this past year and discuss the most memorable encounters of 2012. Time Zone – Toby zur Loye Of the Chicago art events that I attended in 2012, a summer exhibition in the Fulton Market District has left the most lasting impression.  Time Zone was on display from June 8-28 in the... 

Sixty’s Top 10 Most Read Articles of 2011

Sixty's Top 10 Most Read Articles of 2011
As the People Don’t Like to Read Art show at Western Exhibitions proved, people do like to read art–and they will. The following are the top ten Sixty articles that you read (or watched) this past year. #1  || Hyde Park Public Art 5 of 5 The Spirit of Hyde Park, 2010. Hyde Park, Chicago, IL. (Photo credit: Zachary Johnson) “Taking in the wall, a mix of styles was evident. Bold, abstract... 
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