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Barely Here: Patience, Persistence, and Evolution

Barely Here: Patience, Persistence, and Evolution
Revise’s recent solo exhibition, Barely Here, at Modest Skate Shop in Forest Park, Illinois, explores what it means to try to maintain a relationship with an artistic community that measures visibility based on productivity and intense presence.  Such a relationship is complicated when the realities of multiple jobs, and the experience of growing into adulthood mitigate the possibility of maintaining... 

On Public Art: “Like One”

On Public Art:
Chicago has an abundant history of prolific graffiti writers and street artists. Outside of their own trusted community, many of these artists do not get the chance to speak about their experiences and their love for what they do. This series focuses on giving the microphone back to the artists who create public art in Chicago. Through these interviews our hope is to not only archive the efforts... 
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