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Caleb Weintraub’s Nightmarish Dreamscapes

Caleb Weintraub's Nightmarish Dreamscapes
Grotesque animals, violent battles, and neon colors–these are the things that nightmares are made of in Caleb Weintraub’s exhibit at the Peter Miller Gallery. Weintraub’s saturated oil paintings wander through mysterious storybook dystopias with motifs that walk the line between Disney and The Lord of the Flies. “To The Death” follows two tribal-clad, ostrich-riding children at war in... 

Investigating the Underground: The Art of Harry Sudman

Investigating the Underground: The Art of Harry Sudman
I have been aware of Harry Sudman’s paintings for several years but routinely missed opportunities to view his pieces in person.  After getting in touch with Sudman, we scheduled to meet at his studio in early May to view his paintings and discuss his process.  What I had anticipated to be a brief display of paintings and a quick chat morphed into a three hour, in-depth discussion about the Chicago... 
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