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Romanticizing and Revising the Past: Kerri Sherman and Camille Iemmolo

Romanticizing and Revising the Past: Kerri Sherman and Camille Iemmolo
  Watches, Photo Courtesy of Kerri Sherman From the distinctly different works of photographer Kerri Sherman and mixed media artist Camille Iemmolo come two parallel narratives.  One focuses on romanticizing nature and conveying nostalgia for craft and perception, while the other explores surreal disillusionment of childhood dreams not completely coming true.  Perhaps the most remarkable aspect... 

Caleb Weintraub’s Nightmarish Dreamscapes

Caleb Weintraub's Nightmarish Dreamscapes
Grotesque animals, violent battles, and neon colors–these are the things that nightmares are made of in Caleb Weintraub’s exhibit at the Peter Miller Gallery. Weintraub’s saturated oil paintings wander through mysterious storybook dystopias with motifs that walk the line between Disney and The Lord of the Flies. “To The Death” follows two tribal-clad, ostrich-riding children at war in... 

Shota Kawahara’s “Inspiration” Finds an Audience

Shota Kawahara's
Re-Invent Gallery’s current show Inspiration unites clean presentation and progressive work with the intimate and quiet atmosphere of small town America.  Japanese artist Shota Kawahara’s solo exhibition of bright, visually graphic paintings and installation work call to mind the various pieces of artists like Yayoi Kusama and Basquiat, complete with clean lines, bold colors alongside wild, gestural... 
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