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Studio Reflections with Angela Bryant

Studio Reflections with Angela Bryant
A view of Angela Bryant’s Studio. May 2013. (Photo courtesy of the artist.) More time. It is something that so many of us could use. Angela Bryant spends a large amount of her minutes curating and teaching, so finding free moments for the studio always proves to be a challenge. When she does find time, what emerges are paintings that exude the same electric energy that is embedded in Angela’s... 

“Blue Glue and Other Explorations”: An Interview with Mara Baker

Continuing ACRE’s year-long series of shows by its 2010 summer residents, Blue Glue and Other Explorations is a body of work by Mara Baker, installed at Happy Collaborationists. Mara’s drawings, photographs, and site-specific installation serve as an exploration of histories and of the mental and physical act of collection. For the three weeks prior to Blue Glue’s reception on Saturday, Mara... 
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