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Pay It Forward>>Peanut Gallery

Pay It Forward>>Peanut Gallery
Pay It Forward is a collaborative, experimental fundraiser devised by Autotelic {Studios} and Sixty Inches From Center. We are experimenting with the idea of paying it forward to other arts organizations who work to support artists and a thriving arts community in Chicago. Our Pay It Forward Series will highlight one of the eight projects that we have chosen to be part of our fundraiser each week,... 

PEANUT GALLERY – New Place, New Space

PEANUT GALLERY - New Place, New Space
'Art Night' at Peanut Gallery (courtesy of the gallery) If you have ventured down to the California Clipper lately, you may have noticed a new white-spaced, brightly lit Humboldt Park neighbor. On the corner of California and Augusta is the Peanut Gallery, “a space for creative collaboration, experimentation, exhibition and good, old-fashioned mingling”. Having moved to this storefront... 
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