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September Guide to Chicago Art

September Guide to Chicago Art
It’s natural to dread the end of summer, but fortunately September comes with a silver lining. Watermelon and potato salad are set aside for white wine (or PBR) and brie as the art world rolls us its sleeves and gets back to work. This September features dizzying array of art events, so we’ve put together our latest guide to help you make sense of the busy month. Click the image for a... 

Week Ends, Art Begins || September 2nd – 4th

Week Ends, Art Begins || September 2nd - 4th
FRIDAY || SEPTEMBER 2nd, 2011 { E X Q U I S I T E • C O R P S E } Cheers to Sixty’s own Jenny Lam, Zachary Johnson and Jes Standefer–curator and two of the 40 participants in this collaborative art exhibition in classic exquisite corpse style. E.C. will include Interactive art (stuff you can touch). Audience-participatory art (stuff you can create). An advice booth (stuff that may... 
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