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Melody Saraniti’s Gravitational Pull

Melody Saraniti's Gravitational Pull
Angela Bryant curated this selection of drawings and paintings by Melody Saraniti for Gravitational Pull at Design Cloud. Melody’s work adds to an ongoing conversation on Abstract Expressionism that’s spoken through gestures, layers, color, and spills. She drains the work of emotion by manipulating Pollock’s language to control what he would have used freely and toys with our expectations... 

Testing Thresholds: An Interview with Jan Tichy, Part 1

Testing Thresholds: An Interview with Jan Tichy, Part 1
Installation view of East Gallery. Jan Tichy, Installation no. 15 (Siskind), 2012. 3-channel HD video installation, 11min. (Image courtesy of the artist.) “What they put on view says a lot about a museum, but what’s in storage tells you even more…” – Fred Wilson at The Sackler Conference for Art Education, 2010   When anyone brings up the idea of an artist occupying... 
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