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Flawed Illusions: Interview with Virginia Melanson

Flawed Illusions: Interview with Virginia Melanson
Virginia Melanson. Control. Acrylic on canvas, 6ft x 5ft. (image courtesy of the artist) Gender constructs are exactly that: constructed.  Many artists in the past have addressed feminism and gender issues through their work.  Gender constructs can be both subtle and obvious, elusive and profound.  Virginia Melanson is an artist who has addressed these issues in a form not often seen before: three-dimensional... 

Eyeworks: David O’Reilly

Eyeworks: David O'Reilly
This is the third installation of an ongoing series of articles by Alexander Stewart and Lilli Carré, founders of the Eyeworks Festival of Experimental Animation. When we were planning the first Eyeworks festival in 2010, we had both recently been fascinated by the work of Irish animator David O’Reilly, and we thought he would be really interesting to have at the festival in person. O’Reilly... 

Artists at Play: Claudia Hart’s Sensitive 3D

Artists at Play: Claudia Hart's Sensitive 3D
From character rigging to texturing, in the multibillion dollar commercial 3D game design industry an abundance of meticulous considerations are taken daily. But among the vast parts that comprise this machine, one detail has been historically neglected–gender sensitivity. Artist and School of the Art Institute of Chicago instructor Claudia Hart utilizes 3D animation technology to respond to... 

Sitting down with Suzanne Makol of Composite

Sitting down with Suzanne Makol of Composite
Composite is an electronic, quarterly arts magazine based in Chicago and San Francisco. Its mission is to “seek a continued communal and artistic dialogue among artists at all levels and mediums, striv[ing] to create a space where one can view and consider works that may not be shown together traditionally”.  To get to the bottom of how Composite’s editors make that goal a reality, I sat down... 
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