Advertising with Sixty Inches From Center offers you the unique opportunity to get your business or organization in front of an active and diverse crowd of Chicago’s art-minded population.  As a Chicago-focused arts organization, Sixty Inches From Center aims to secure advertising from the local Chicago businesses that continue to support artists through everything from the display of local work on your walls, the coffee and teas that keep them going and the products and services that keep them moving forward in their lives and creative practices.

About Sixty Inches From Center
Our mission is to document and engage visual arts in Chicago as they happen outside of institutional setting and make our efforts accessible to art-minded individuals inside and outside of Chicago.  We do that in two different ways.  First, our Chicago Arts Archive is a web-based catalog of art happening in our city.  Each week new articles are published on the website. Second, we partner with city organizations through the Collective Projects, which are events and activities that showcase the versatility of the visual arts in Chicago.  

Our Followers
Due to our eclectic team of writers, the wide range of art that we cover and our emphasis on cross-community collaboration, advertising with Sixty Inches From Center would allow your product to reach readers from all areas of Chicago.  The majority of our readers are 22 – 35 years old, arts-minded individuals who live everywhere from South Shore to Pilsen to Logan Square and Rogers Park.  We also have an international following with about 10% of our readers coming from the United Kingdom, France and Russia.  

Website & Social Media Numbers
Each week the number of people reading our articles grows significantly. The following numbers are the website statistics for 2012.

  • Visits in 2012: 83,000+
Facebook & Twitter
  • Facebook: 1,000+
  • Twitter: 636+
Ad Specs and Pricing
With the way Sixty Inches From Center is designed, your ad will appear on the home page of the  Chicago Arts Archive as well as any other page on the website that our visitors go to.  As an added bonus, your ad could possibly appear in printed articles and interviews that are sent to the Harold Washington Library Chicago Artists Archive, an analog catalog of Chicago artists housed in the Visual and Performing Arts department. Your business will be marked in history.

Feature Carousel Package

– On homepage, rotated between featured article images. 6 times per minute.
– Duration: 1 week
– Impressions: 1,315

Package A – 320px x 320px

– Above the digital fold.
– Duration: 1 month
– Impressions: 5,260

Package B – 320px x 320px

– First space below the digital fold.
– Duration: 1 month
– Impressions: 5,260

Package C – 320px x 320px

– Second ad below the digital fold.
– Duration: 1 month
– Impressions: 5,260

Exchange Packages
Sixty offers the unique opportunity for one-to-one exchanges of advertisements between your website and ours.  These packages are reviewed and negotiated on a case-by-case basis.  If you are interested in having an advertisement on the Sixty Inches From Center website in exchange for putting our advertisement on your website, contact us.

For more information about advertising with Sixty Inches From Center, contact Tempestt Hazel at

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