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Weekly Picks: July 21 – July 27



Monday || July 21

Gestos Gráficos: René Arceo & Friends

This exhibition at the Bridgeport Art Center opened June 20th and will run continuously until August 1st.  Chicago print maker ReneArceo’s work constitutes the main body of this exhibition and represents a selection of gestural prints (Gestos Graficos) created in the last decade. Included are relief prints,lino-cuts, serigraphs, collographs and wood-cuts. Additionally, Arceo has invited a group of amazing print makers who have collaborated in the past with Arceo Press’s print portfolios.  A graduate from the Art Institute of Chicago, Arceo received a Bachelor in Fine Arts, majoring in printmaking. He was also co-founder of Chicago’s Galeria Ink Works (1984 – 1987) & Mexican Printmaking Workshop (1990).

Bridgeport Art Center
4th Floor Gallery
1200 W. 35th St.
Chicago, IL 60609


Tuesday || July 22

Process Exhibition at Water Street Studios

Process opened July 11th and will close September 14th.  It is a themed exhibition where artists’ work will be accompanied by materials that offer the viewer greater insight into the creative process that brought the work to life. Not only are we looking for the artist to present a high quality piece (that can be finished or even “in process”), but to explain to the viewer how the process is important. In particular, how it influences and informs the end result.  For this show, Water Street Studios is looking to present artists who create art work in a process-driven manner. The jurying of these submissions will consider both the work as well as the supporting documentation about how the artist’s process drives their work.

Water Street Studios
160 S Water st
Batavia, IL 60510


Wednesday || July 23

Random Robot Attacks Tesseractory Factory: End Transmission

This show opened July 11th and will close July 30th.  The art for the exhibition is from the Random Robot Attacks series focusing on a sub category called Tesseractory Factory.  This body of work is composed of patterned kinetic color chaos interwoven with personal iconic images that represent humans and human emotion. Tesseractory Factory deals with the decisions we do or do not make, the consequences, and fight to resolve balance in our life.

Morpho Gallery
5216 N Damen Ave
Chicago, IL 60625


Thursday || July 24

Live Chalk Art with Hugo García

Chicago-based artist Hugo García will be doing some live chalk art outside the gallery storefront to help us celebrate the “March of the Elephants” group exhibition! Stop by to check out his amazing work, the exhibition inside and enjoy some refreshments. We’re hoping for a lovely sunny day!  Other current exhibiting artists include George Keaton, Christie Chew-Wallace, Keelan McMorrow, Emily Dahlquist, Joseph Sentrock Perez, Sam Kirk & Rahmaan Statik

2:00pm – 5:00pm
Elephant Room, Inc.
704 S Wabash Ave.
Chicago, IL  60605
$2 suggested donation for artist


Friday || July 25

Gogh Green! Recycled Art Sale

Thousands of paintings, prints, ceramics, decorative objects, antiques, sculpture, glass, jewelry and more will be available for purchase beginning July 25th during TAC’s Annual Gogh Green! Recycled Art Sale.  Gogh Green kicks off with a benefit auction on Friday, July 25th from 7pm – 10pm. Enjoy dinner, drinks, music plus a live and silent auction, raffle and first chance to take home art treasures! Tickets to this year’s opening night benefit art $65 in advance and $75 at the door.  Each year, The Art Center – Highland Park re-sells donated art pieces to raise funds for TAC’s Art School Scholarship Fund. The money raised allows hundreds of children, seniors and adults in need to take classes atTAC and enrich their lives through the visual arts.  The Art Center takes donations year-round for its Annual “Gogh Green!” Recycled Art Sale. Stop into the office Monday – Saturday, 9am – 4:30pm to drop off your items and collect a receipt for your tax-deductible donation.


7:00pm – 10:00pm
The Art Center – Highland Park
1957 Sheridan Road
Highland Park, IL  60035


Saturday || July 26

Robbery in Progress

This is the last day to catch Mike Olson and Dean Roper’s exhibition “Robbery in Progress” at Slow.  Pay attention and you’ll notice everyone has their hand in someone else’s pocket.  Dillinger robbed bankers who were taking peoples homes leaving them on the streets. Folks thought he was a hero. They followed news stories about his heists like sports headlines. Another win for the flamboyant thug who didn’t save the day. He gave regular folks a sense that the world wasn’t completely out of balance.

Mike Olson’s drawings are ghosts of depression-era political cartoons resurfacing to tell us that we never learned. Dad’s still down at the pool hall because he can’t get a job and the Man keeps finding new ways to take more of the money we never had. They feel like they were made quickly, in earnest, with what was left, hopefully just in time. It’s the same mirror and we’re still not pretty.

Purple tweety bird. Green bart simpson. Alien. Five minutes to choose one plaster bank on a family trip to Tijuana. Out of this army of psychedelic characters I could’ve picked a pig but the blue mickey mouse was the one. As a little kid I was sure whoever made these was having visions and needed cash and I was ready to buy.  Dean Roper is sculpting his bongs in the shapes of the things TV has conditioned us to want. Or is it movies? Or music? Maybe it’s Facebook. Possibly it’s just the drugs. Whatever it is he’s got them for us. Not the drugs. The things. The gatorade and the motorcycles and the smiles.  Folks are trying to steal from us but we’re calling them out. Don’t hate the players. Hate the game. Take the prize.

2153 W 21st Street
Chicago  Illinois  60608


Sunday || July 27

Artist Talk: Greta Waller and Gwendolyn Zabicki

Come out July 27th at 2pm to Comfort Station for an artist talk with Greta Waller and GwendolynZabicki. This will be the final day of their exhibition, Cool and Dark. Summer won’t last forever. It never does. Cool & Dark celebrates the midpoint of yet another Chicago summer hanging in the balance with the paintings of Eleanor Ray, Greta Waller, and Gwendolyn Zabicki. These paintings capture scenes that are neither here nor there, moments that—like summer—are always already passing.

While some might find the relentless onward passage of time troubling, Greta Waller takes great pleasure in it. Waller deals in ice—specifically huge melting chunks of it on thoughtfully placed dishware. The effect is dazzling. Light bends and warps. Straight lines slither and blur with intricate backgrounds. Colors explode. Puddles form and water glistens as the ice slowly dissolves into dimpled curves. One finally realizes that it’s the melting that makes the ice visible. As the blocks fade, Waller is able to capture the weird shimmering evanescent forms that enliven and embellish the objects around it. A boring flower design on a tray becomes something exciting and new. With each passing minute new forms emerge. It seems like magic.


However, this can be bittersweet. After all, the ice will not last forever. But perhaps Gwendolyn Zabicki’spresent paintings offer us an antidote. Zabicki invites viewers to greedily inspect her gifts. Feel free to admire the careful folds and the gold leaf that gilds the wrapping paper; appreciate the careful attention to color, shadow, and reflection. These presents hang there like Platonic forms filled with we-know-not-what and destined for we-know-not-whom. Recognize the present for what it really is: a gesture of love, a symbol of friendship, evidence that we are not alone. Wonder what’s in them, but know that inside every present is the fear that soon the party will be over, the ice will be gone, and the doors will be closed forever (Tyler Jagel).


2:00pm – 3:00pm
Comfort Station
2579 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago, IL  60647

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