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Suicide Narcissus

This article was originally published on October 1, 2013 on Art Nerd by writer Amy Krafft. This article is part of a series of article exchange partnerships between Sixty Inches From Center and other online blogs and journals that have missions similar to ours–to document and support the visual arts in Chicago. The goal of these partnerships is to build bridges within our writing community, help promote one another to new audiences and give more exposure to the art that keeps our Chicago experience compelling.

The Renaissance Society at the University of Chicago opened Suicide Narcissus on September 15th, featuring work by a group of international artists including Lucy Skaer, Thomas Baumann, Nicole Six & Paul Petritsch, Daniel Steegmann, and Haris Epaminonda & Daniel Gustav Cramer. This amazing exhibition focuses on ecological extinction, finite nature of earth’s natural resources, and the limits of knowledge and offers a variety of complimentary programming that is both artful and informational.

Thomas Baumann. Tau Sling, 2008. Wood, rope, motor, mirror.
(Image courtesy of the Renaissance Society)

Nicole Six and Paul Petritsch. Spatial Intervention I, 2002. Video. (Image courtesy of the Renaissance Society)

Haris Epaminonda and Daniel Gustav Cramer. The Infinite Library, 2007-present. 12 out of 60 artist’s books. (Image courtesy of the Renaissance Society)

Daniel Steegman. Mangrane, 2009-2011. 16 mm film (Image courtesy of the Renaissance Society)

Suicide Narcissus runs through December 15 at the Renaissance Society, 5811 S Ellis Avenue.

Header Image: Katie Paterson. All the Dead Stars, 2009. Laser etched anodized aluminum.
(Image courtesy of the Renaissance Society)

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