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An Acrobatic Art Installation at the Acme Hotel

This article was originally published on July 31, 2013 on Art Nerd by writer Lauren Albrecht. This article is part of a series of article exchange partnerships between Sixty Inches From Center and other online blogs and journals that have missions similar to ours–to document and support the visual arts in Chicago. The goal of these partnerships is to build bridges within our writing community, help promote one another to new audiences and give more exposure to the art that keeps our Chicago experience compelling.

The ACME Hotel Company Chicago is one of the few locally owned and operated hotels in the city, that prides itself on investing and supporting the local arts community.  Recently, Art Nerd Chicago was tipped off on a unique permanent art installation inside River North’s coolest hotel.. The installation features painted mannequins installed inside the hotel’s outdoor light well area.

A few of the mannequins suspended in the hotel light well. Streeterville, Chicago, IL. 2013. (image courtesy of ACME Hotel Chicago)

Chicago artists Andie Grusin, Susan Kissinger and Brittney Williams were brought on to decorate the figurative sculptures which were installed a few months back.   “The three artists that we selected are all Chicago based, embody true creativity and have produced artwork that will not only delight and entertain our guests, but have helped us establish a new hotel feature that we can uniquely call ACME.” said ACME Hotel Company Managing Partner, Gene Kornota.

The mannequins before flight. Streeterville, Chicago, IL. 2013. (image courtesy of ACME Hotel Chicago)

The light well is an interesting space for a permanent art installation plus great juxtaposition between the industrial space and colorful art.  ACME Hotel Company Chicago patrons already familiar with the hotel’s rockstar vibe and  cool aesthetic will love this quirky new installation. “City hotels can often have obstructed views due to the surrounding buildings and infrastructural features, so we wanted to find a way to surprise our guests,” said Kornota.

ACME has previously partnered with Tennessee artist Brian Tull to create the vibrant, urban, graffiti-style mural that consumes the brick wall of ACME’s main lobby. ACME plans to continue reaching out to up-and-coming and established artists to create pieces that are one-of-a-kind to the hotel and support ACME’s ongoing commitment to creative arts in Chicago.

ACME Hotel is located at 15 E. Ohio Street, Chicago, IL 60611

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