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Well Played: A Collaboration between Angela Bryant and Diana Gabriel

Angela Bryant and Diana Gabriel, Well Played Installation view, July 2013. (Image by Tempestt Hazel.)

Tucked away in River North is R&D Gallery, an exhibition space run by Justin Pauly and Dave Sharma featuring local and international artists who work primarily in new media.  Currently on view is Well Played which features the work of Angela Bryant and Diana Gabriel.  Serving as the first collaboration between the two artists, this exhibition is curated in a way that shines a light on the distinct qualities of each artists, but then blends to the elements that overlap within the two artists’ styles.  When entering the space the lines are clearly defined, with Bryant’s mixed media works on canvas acting as bookends to Gabriel’s smaller works on wood panel.  Then, once you step through the large threshold cut into a wall of lavendar paper, their styles collide.  The result is a completely immersive installation that consumes the rest of the space.  The walls and floor are a deep and smoky lavender.  Electric orange lines of yarn jut from the wall, floor and piping along the ceiling.  They push, pull and almost launch soft, amorphic sculptures of the same lavender hue from the points made by the painted geometric forms on the surface of their fabric.  Appropriately titled, Well Played is an amusing and clever synthesis of Bryant and Gabriel’s work.

Be sure to catch Well Played before it closes.  Find out more about the exhibition by visiting

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