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We don’t want you to give us money…

In case you haven’t heard, Sixty recently crossed the finish line of getting our 501c3 status.  And thanks to the generosity of the Jane and Tad Shepard Family Foundation, we have received our first grant under our new status, allowing us to start the new year off with new plans and fresh ideas for how to support the Chicago artists and work that bring some warmth to this chilly time of year.

In an effort to honor the generosity of the people who have gotten us to our two year mark, we at Sixty have decided to do a little giving of our own.  Instead of pushing our own end of year donation drive, we have chosen to uplift the selfless labors of love that inspire us to continue pushing forward and volunteering our time to the art that we love.  The Sixty Family has pulled together a list of causes, organizations and efforts that we believe you should not only know about, but also consider supporting. It’s the time of year for giving, so if you’re feeling generous we don’t want you to give us money…

…we want you to give them money.


Hand-picked by each of us at Sixty, the following are some wonderful efforts that will scratch your philanthropic itch:




























































































Top image: Faheem Majeed, Planting and Maintaining a Perennial Garden (Detail), Installation, 2012. For more images click here.

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