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Galerie F Opens It’s Doors

Photo Courtesy of Galerie F

A few months ago Sixty posted a piece on a Kickstarter project designed to raise money for a new, innovative gallery in Logan Square called Galerie F.  On July 20th, that project came to fruition with the gig/art poster haven’s grand opening. Boldly standing on the corner of Fullerton and Milwaukee, this new cultural epicenter is a place to find affordable yet pioneering art without the suffocating hours that a typical gallery may maintain. I had the opportunity to talk with the Galerie F family, Zissou Tasseff-Elenkoff, Billy Craven, and Allie Whalen, about their entrance into the Logan Square area and their plans for the future.

Raymond Figlewski: First off, how was the grand opening?Photo Courtesy of Galerie F

Galerie F (Zissou Tasseff-Elenkoff, Billy Craven, and Allie Whalen): It was fantastic. There was a great turn out. People sincerely seemed excited about the space. We were interacting with guests all evening. The fact that it coincided with Milwaukee Arts Festival really helped garner more attention and word of mouth, with a great deal of people strolling in off the street. The artists in the show provided a lot to our success and were well received that evening. All around a success in our eyes.

RF : How has the reception been in Logan Square?

GF: The reception has been good, we have had people come in and ask for more information. Many people were astounded to find out we were not a pop-up space. Upon learning that we were a permanent establishment, we got a lot of positive responses. Many people were glad to see an art-oriented space that is so accessible. And since our hours are pretty across the board, we have had the chance to meet a full range of people, from Logan Square natives to traveling visitors. The location has also made a big difference – with Gaslight Coffee Roasters opening next door, and Chicago Diner down the street, we have heard a lot of comments about the exciting developments of that strip of Milwaukee that brings the California and Logan Square stops together.

RF: Since the last time we talked the gallery space had not been formally built or rented. Now that Galerie F is established, officially, has the mission to bring affordable, tangible, local/international art changed at all?

Photor Courtesy of Galerie FGF: No, the mission is still the same. It is all a process of finding our footing since we opened. There is still a lot of work to be done, both in store and online, but we haven’t lost sight of what is most important. As mentioned previously, we’ve been able to maintain open hours that inspire accessibility. Many of the folk that come in are surprised by the affordability of our art. We can only hope to keep this going and appeal to larger crowds, reach more artists, and provide more for our community.

RF: What upcoming events/shows do you have planned to bring street art indoors?

GF: Currently we have many street art oriented pieces in the space on regular display, including artists like Don’t Fret, Nice One, and Klepto Salem. On September 28th, we will be hosting the opening of our second exhibition at Galerie F called “Alphabet Soup.” This exhibition has been curated by two street artists, Fonzo and Melon, to showcase typography through the eyes of graffiti writers. You can find more information about this show at We also have some ideas brewing for more installations and performances- hope to have more news about that soon.

RF: You were recently named the “Best New Gallery” by a Chicago Readers Poll, how does it feel to have such a large base supporting and excited about your gallery?

GF: That was really surprising – we didn’t keep up with the poll and were astounded to find out. I am under the impression that the Reader’s poll is heavily voted in by local businesses, so that support means a lot to us. We’re still smiling about it.Photo Courtesy of Galerie F

RF: So what is next for Galerie F?

GF: What’s next is establishing ourselves as a local business that people associate with and can have stories about. We are excited to join the community and create those bonds with customers that make small business possible. We want to be a store and a gallery, a place where people can stop by and buy good affordable artwork at a reasonable price [and reasonable hour]. A few ideas we’ve been chatting about include commissioning artists for exclusive art pieces, hosting local community events, and extending our hours occasionally to include the evening crowd.

Galerie F is located at 2381 N. Milwaukee Ave. Their current exhibition is titled Send Me Your Pigeons” and will be running until 8/31/12

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