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My Idea of Fun

The artist Michael Rea once stated that, “Fun is a subjective experience, and by no means universal……the expression of fun becomes a proclamation or a designation of honesty.”  My Idea of Fun –the brainchild of Michael Rea– deals with the subjectivity of the artists and their amusements. Although fun is a subjective experience all of the works engage in some sort of indulgence. By way of being subjective the works are forthright and personal; this is the commonality amongst them.  Almost every day I encounter amusing things through movies, common street occurrences, drunken weirdo’s who mistakenly think they have a chance trying to hit on me, inside jokes with friends, and eavesdropping on other people’s conversations. Now because of the team of artists assembled for this exhibition, I can successfully say that I have experienced humor in a gallery setting from various perspectives.

Highlights include the paintings of Ethan Gill. Utilizing expressive mark making with a knife or blade, Gill creates images that are experimental and provoke excitement. For his portraits in the exhibition, the only premise was that he had to have a beer with the people he was depicting prior to starting. This unique approach speaks volumes about the often undocumented interactions artists have with other people and fellow artists.  I find myself wondering what kind of conversations emerged from this interaction and what jokes were passed around. The paintings are incredibly energetic. I would imagine that this is characteristic of those encounters in some way. Another highlight was Kate Ruggeri’s “Tree Gremlin.” This wonky sculpture exploits materials that aren’t typically used to compose sculptures such as jeans. As you approach the gallery you are immediately drawn to its strangeness, almost forced to interact with it.

My Idea of Fun is an entertaining exhibition embodying a diverse range of artists who very clearly pull from the indulgence of fun. If you’re looking for a refreshing exhibition to view this summer, explore My Idea of Fun.  Artists include Chris Naka, Zach Meyer, Ethan Gill, John Phillip Abbott, Kate Ruggeri, Matthew Hebert, and Kassie Tang Olsen.

Check out photographs from the opening.

On view now through August 31st

My Idea of Fun


350 North Ogden

Chicago, IL


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