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Nazafarin Lotfi & Mike Gibisser at Tony Wight Gallery

Currently on display at The Tony Wight Gallery are two exhibitions. Nazafarin Lotfi’s exhibition entitled, Circles, includes recent paintings, sculptures and drawings. The Motive Power Series is a four-segment film by Mike Gibisser.

Nazafarin Lotfi’s most recent work employs a minimized color palette and uses everyday structural materials such as staples, fishing line, vinyl, and fencing. Lotfi has an interest in unknown spaces and her iterative artworks express this notion. Her materials, mediums, and processes question where one begins to behave like another: how the reuse of an object or material can create transformation.

Gibisser’s film series is comprised of four chapters each confined to a single street address, each a meditation on one of the thermodynamic laws. The artist has described the series as “movies made of still images,” as it exists simultaneously as a personal documentary, an historical essay, and poetic expression.

On view through April 14th.

Tony Wight Gallery
845 West Washington Boulevard
Chicago, IL 60607
(312) 492-7261

Words and Photography by Laura Elayne Miller

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