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Week Ends, Art Begins || January 27th – January 29th, 2012

Say good-bye! This weekend will be the last of our “Week Ends, Art Begins” listing of events. Beginning on Monday, January 30th we will publish our new weekly guide to art in Chicago. It will list visual art related events happening seven days a week.

FRIDAY || JANUARY 27th, 2012

Opening Reception // iLLUMINATE
illuminate explores light in all of its forms and is open to conceptual interpretation.
This show will be beyond anything Water Street Studios has ever done. illuminate will be more of an “event” than a show. We are very excited to bring this special event to Water Street Studios and guarantee that it will be a spectacle beyond any of our previous shows.

Best of Show annpouncement 7p
Ryan will be DJ’ing acompanied by dominic at 7p

Water Street Studios
160 S. Water Street
Batavia, IL 60510
6:00 – 10:00pm

The MeMo Organization Cabinet
A new project by British speculative designer, Jessica Charlesworth. In conjunction with the exhibit, Morbid Curiosity: The Richard Harris Collection. The Latin phrase Memento Mori, meaning, “remember you will die”, denotes objects which remind us of our mortality. What alternative Memento Mori practices and rituals might be created in light of current developments in technology, philosophy and science? Speculative designer Jessica Charlesworth, cloaked in the fictional identity of the MeMo organization, presents a cabinet of curious objects and stories that explores a range of poetic practices and attitudes towards death and mourning.

Balloon, co-curator with the Slought Foundation of the 2010 exhibit, Strictly, Death: Selected Work from the Richard Harris Collection, has been invited by the Chicago Cultural Center to repsond to the works from the Harris Collection that constitute the Morbid Curiosity exhibit. Continuing a series of exhibits that examine the conditions of contemporary design, Balloon turns its attention to the work of Jessica Charlesworth and the emergent field of Speculative Design, a growing practice that uses narrative fictions and other unexpected framing devices to generate critical objects that explore possible scenarios opened up by new technologies and changing social realities.

The Chicago Cultural Center, 4th Floor Lobby
78 East Washington Street
Chicago, Illinois
5:30 – 7:30pm

Morbid Curiosity The Richard Harris Collection
This groundbreaking exhibition, one of the Chicago Cultural Center’s largest to date, showcases over one thousand artworks and other artifacts from the personal collection of Chicago-based collector Richard Harris. Amassed over several decades, Harris’s collection explores the iconography of death across cultures and traditions spanning nearly six thousand years, and includes works by some of the greatest artists of our time.

To help guide your visit, the exhibition is organized into two major sections: The War Room, which deals with the horrors and reactions to war expressed through art; and The Kunstkammer of Death, a play on the traditional European term for a ‘cabinet of curiosities’. While the subject matter may seem a bit macabre, artists have long derived inspiration from death, mortality, and the impermanence of human existence. This eclectic collection examines these concepts from centuries past to the present day.

The Chicago Cultural Center, 4th Floor Lobby
78 East Washington Street
Chicago, Illinois
5:30 – 7:30pm

The GOLDEN somnabulist & CLOSING reception for OFF the GOLDEN Map
LIVE painting performance by LEWIS ACHENBACH and FREE drawing for an original WORK of ART.

200 MAIN St.
6:00 – 9:00pm

Opening Reception for Not Cool or Stoic
Slow has partnered with ACRE to host Not Cool or Stoic as a part of ACRE’s year-long series of exhibitions by 2011 ACRE summer residents. The exhibition features new work from Chuck Jones and from ACRE resident Matthew Schlagbaum. Not Cool or Stoic. Colored theory. Not color for color’s sake, but named colors for linguistic associations. Matthew Schlagbaum begins with greyscale, a faux grisaille, and slips in a technicolor magic schism. Unlike the filmic precedent, Matthew is invested neither in generating delight, nor affirming faith in humanity or individuality. More like Matthew is illuminating the shameless manipulations that drive familiar stories. Glittering gold. Black and white and read all over.

Chuck Jones, a gorillalike hulking man always decked out in Carhartts and work shoes, spins a yarn with earnest ennui. Deeply sentimental moments become meditational gems. But his laser focus meanders—the moment was truly heart-felt, but Chuck is open enough to respond just as deeply to the next. Follow his lead and you may end up with your emotional guard puddled around your ankles, not knowing the differences between true grit, heart-strings, or even what is funny.

Chuck and Matthew both reside somewhere shaken, somewhat glum. Not cool or stoic. Each embraces his own direct emotional responses, and calls upon a viewer to dive into a moment. But each is driven toward a view of reality that pulls back the curtain to reveal something as it is complete with contradictions, flaws and untidy conclusions.

2153 W 21st Street
Chicago, IL 60608
6:00 – 9:00pm

Crossroads: A One Day Documentary Based On Data
Crossroads, a transmedia documentary based on the data of 35 strangers over the course of one day, November 25th 2011. Their narratives, data and portraits will be combined to create a collective story that will take the form of a 20 minute movie, selected prints and a compilation book.

The price of entry into the event is participation in an ad-hoc social game based on a data visualization that will connect everyone that shows up to the opening. Please forward on to those interested in data as an art form. The show will be up through February 10th, 2012.

The adventures include stumbling upon a Louis Vuitton purse in the bushes, a car accident, a visit to the clinic, riding to nowhere in particular on the “el”, a brokenhearted woman buying a fish, blowing a kiss in sweatpants, a visit to the police station, dogs that don’t share, a pap smear, confronting a nightmare, watching the city come alive at midnight for Black Friday, driving back to reality, a minor panic attack at Daley Plaza, a tour of all 11 places once called “home”, leaving $100 tips at past waitress jobs, getting a cavity filled, taking the train to the murder capital of Chicago, happening upon Critical Mass, a pedicab, a tour of cemeteries….a day of contrasts.

RGB Lounge
1420 N. Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL 60622
7:00 – 11:00pm
FREE [Participation]

Justin Amrhein | Schematized
Schematic drawings of invented mechanics balancing between the real and the imaginary.

Firecat Projects
2124 N. Damen
Chicago, IL 60647
7:00 – 10:00pm

David Leggett’s new mixed-media paintings wrestle with complicated feelings towards his two obsessions, painting and hip-hop, as he confronts race, sexuality, fame and class in humorous and ambiguous situations.

Melissa Steckbauer’s new photo-based collages are the visual remainder following a personal study in communication and intimate contact, a deviation from the overt sexuality seen in her paintings. Weaved, fringed, puckered, and diced Steckbauer diffuses the status and familiarity of her pictures by manipulating them with naive decoration. Pictures become images and objects; they leave the scope of family albums and are updated within a loose semiotics.

Western Exhibitions
119 N Peoria St, 2A
Chicago, IL 60607
5:00 – 8:00pm

Society of the Spectacular Opening Reception
Simulated realities, virtual landscapes and digital social networks strongly shape our daily experiences and what we perceive as reality. “Society of the Spectacular” is an exhibition about our constant connection with the hyperreal.

Visual Simulcra: Eric Fleischauer, Jesse McLean, Steve Ruiz, Doug Smithenry, Theo Darst, Todd Mattei, Morgan Sims, Aaron Orsini and Adam Rux.

Musical Stimuli: Volcano, American Draft and

Curated by: Jake Myers & The Octagon Gallery

This combination of fabricated sounds and eye candy will surely leave you in skeptical awe of our spectacular society. If you can’t make it on Friday the 27th, the exhibit will be up from January 14- 28th. Please contact Jake Myers @ 6302157125 to set up an appointment.

The Co-Prosperity Sphere
3219-21 South Morgan Street
Chicago Illinois, 60608

Using disparate forms, imagery, and media, Dankenbring explores iconography through the lens of personal history and highly speculative reformations, focusing on how our current culture may be perceived by future peoples. Through drawing, sculpture, and photography, resulting works range in development from artifact to hybrid structures, relying heavily on a minimalist design aesthetic. Tied directly to hyper-consumerism, evangelical ideals, humor, and fear, the artist hovers — literally with a self-portrait — in alien-like observation. By imitating, recording, and abstracting objects that reflect ideological information about their maker and audience, Dankenbring exposes the vulnerabilities inherent in our most cherished modern artifacts.

The Viewing Station drawings consider the repurposed use of stadium structures as apocalyptic seating venues for the paranoid and faithful, sitting quietly awaiting input from above. In the work Or.ganic, the austere surfaces of a television are channeled, allowing for contemplation of the vast levels of propaganda broadcast through the iconic form. The artist’s Resurrection Machine operates as a sidelined prototype from a bygone era, sleekly linking an ancient past’s sacrificial table with an autopsy table and ridiculing the recent technology /mortality conundrum. Multiple smaller sculptures fetishize contemporary media and communication technology subverting recognizable forms: iPods, Sony walkman, iPhones.

Thomas Robertello Gallery
27 N Morgan St.
Chicago, IL 60607
6:00 – 8:00pm

Thomas Robertello Gallery is pleased to present in the gallery’s project space, the sixth and final installment of Jason Robert Bell’s year-long Tetragrammatron Archive: The Robert Joseph Bell Institute for the Advancement of the Future; an exhibit dedicated to the artist’s recently departed father.
The exhibit will consist of three works. First, an architectural model of the Robert Joseph Bell Institute for the Advancement of the Future’s proposed headquarters, created from an inverted Empire State Building papercraft that was carried for 7 consecutive days by the artist in his Man With The Empire State Building performance.
Also incuded is a new work from Bell’s Metaphysical Painting series, Unto the Ogdoad, which depicts the transmigration of the Artist’s father’s soul, to the next plane of existence in the afterlife.
And lastly a new video piece, Oversoul Seven revealing the Artist’s father’s complex esoteric belief system. Presented as a series of cascading audio/video clips, it was created from the Artist’s personal documentation archive.

Thomas Robertello Gallery
27 N Morgan St.
Chicago, IL 60607
6:00 – 8:00pm


SATURDAY || JANUARY 28th, 2012

Multimedia Print Project, Lightness & Darkness
The L & D release features musical performances by three-piece punk ensemble Wishgift, electro-rockers She Speaks in Tongues, a solo set with AJ Cesena (Videotape, Violet Mice), and Lightness & Darkness’ brand new sonic-literary collaboration with members of Lady Rollins, The Speers.

The show also includes brand new experimental readings, film screenings and collaborative pieces from L & D’s contributors and friends. The show marks the formal release of Lightness & Darkness, created by writer/self-publisher/artists Taleen Kalenderian (DUM DUM Zine, Talzine) and Nicki Yowell (‘Za the Pizza Zine, Flush). L & D is a print experiment in dualities and overlapping art mediums: prose, poetry, illustration, design, film and music. Kalenderian and Yowell created the concept to “explore what it means to be a writer in the foreground.”

But it’s also an outlet for L & D’s many artistic and talented collaborators including writer and Green Lantern Press publisher Caroline Picard, comic artist Grant Reynolds, illustrator Hannah K. Lee, vocal-electronic duo Thee Source ov Fawnation, DUM DUM Zine editor and writer Liska Jacobs, and L.A. directors Susan Yi and Jacob Halajian, along with many others.

Happy Dog Gallery
1542 N. Milwaukee
Chicago, Illinois
$5 to $10 donation

B.A.D. (Molar Productions) OPENING RECEPTION
Join Molar Productions (Larry Lee, prop.) to see what is bad… Or B. A. D., really.

Is it a value judgment as in “naughty or nice”,
a matter of taste like rhinoplasty,
a consequence of truth such as vitiligo or
just simply, a single sequined glove?

In any event, a double-edged sword, to be sure. But add periods to make it an acronym and all hell breaks loose either as

Beautiful And Dangerous or
Big And Dumb or
Bodacious And Divine or
Bawdy And Dirty or
Beefy And Delicious or
Boring And Derivative or
Bambi And Dumbo…

So is it too soon to ask such a question? Probably not.

Featuring David Leggett, Nancy Kim, Karin Kuroda, Max Byron Garrett, Kirk Faber, Benjamin Bellas, C.C. Ann Chen, Paul Hopkin, Jeffrey Grauel, Ben Stone, Chris Naka, Alison Ruttan, Nipporn Production (Mayumi Lake and Yoshie Suzuki), Andreas Fischer, Judith Brotman, Susannah Papish, Diego Leclery, Meg Duguid, Jason Dunda, Carol Jackson, Heidi Norton, You-Ni Chae, Alex Herrera, Dave Murray, Young J. Cho, Greyson Hong, Stephanie Brooks, Gerard Brown, Jenyu Wang, Erin LaRocque, Patrick Quilao, Hao Ni, Academy Records, James Kao, Jason Guo and Joshua Slater.

B. A. D. opens to the public at the Beverly Arts Center on January 7th and runs through February 12th. Molar Productions (Larry Lee, prop.) is a domestic exercise of the democratic process as curatorial practice, some say, buffoonery… since 2005.

Beverly Arts Center
2407 W. 111th St.
Chicago, IL 60655
6:00 – 9:00pm

Holding onto Something Slippery
Holding onto Something Slippery renders visible the creation process through a combination of materials and a hybrid of mediums. Jerome Acks manipulates dimensionality and flatness, calling into question the materials and basic, physical elements of his works. Alika Cooper couples patchwork and layering of common fabrics, which portray intimate figures in camouflaged settings. Ryan Fenchel uses notions of craft and display as tools for discovery, accumulating ideas and materials to be arranged in various ways. All artists employ elements of craft, referencing traditional, if not domestic, means of creation in order to express the tensions between their forms.

1542 N. Milwaukee Ave. 3rd fl
Chicago, IL 60622
6:00 – 10:00pm

Closing Reception // I’M HERE TO MAKE FRIENDS: an exhibit of new works ‘by’ Aay Preston-Myint
In “I’m Here To Make Friends,” part of Happy Collaborationists’ ‘Nostalgia’ series, Aay Preston-Myint digs through eight years of friendships, roommates, lovers, spaces, and collectives to assemble a body of work for a “solo” show using collaboration as its foundation. This body of work explores the conceptual and ideological push-and-pull between ephemeral social practices and material-based, individual artistic practices, and then uses it as fodder for the artistic output itself. As the basis for working together, the artists navigate through the supposedly neutral territory of non-art objects commonly found in the apartment gallery (itself a site of nostalgia) – such as projection screens, pedestals, linens, furniture, and house plants. Infrastructures of domesticity, display, and performance are imagined as the ends, and not just the means, of aesthetic production. A consciously reductive, oblique approach reveals a tenuous grasp on shared experiences and identities, while at the same time providing new platforms (literal and figurative) on which acts of consumption, looking, posing/posturing, projection and reflection take place. More casually, the show could be described as a glorious failed attempt at visionary interior design and party planning.

Happy Collaborationists Exhibition Space
1254 N Noble
Chicago, IL
6:00 – 10:00pm

Why should DJ’s have all the fun? SHUTTER is a new event that shines the spotlight on the photographers, VJ’s, and multimedia artists and gives them an event where they can try out new ideas or work on a larger scale than might otherwise be possible. A full lineup of talented DJ’s will also be there to supply a funky soundtrack to the night, located in a beautiful gallery space conveniently located near the Logan Square Blue Line.

Featuring: Light Painting Photobooth by GLITTER GUTS

DJ Sets by:

MOTHER HUBBARD (Moneypenny, Cenob1te, Life during Wartime)
SoOHSIX (Zombies vs. Skeletons Resident)
RED RUM RIO (Midnight Rockers)
J. LARROC (Risky Prod.)

Cool Stuff from: Steven Luros Holliday- SLH Design

Hosted by: Vladimir Zaytsev and Young Girl Party (YGP)

Video Coverage by Reed Krafft and Live Painting by Caron Thomas.

Logan Square-Avondale Arts Center
2800 N. Milwaukee (enter on Milwaukee Ave. side of the building)
9:30pm – 1:30am
$5 cover from 9:30-10:30, $10 after 10:30, BYOB to drink if you’re over the age of 21 and have government identification.

ONO // Classic Chicago art-rock/no-wave pioneers
“Seeing this band live, it’s like they change the lighting in a room without any kind of special effects. It’s less a performance and more an exhibition of raw, soulful splendor, unmiterated by any gimmickry, appeasement, or fake bad boy attitudes. A wall of sound and song will delineate into an instrumental industrial ballad; organ, guitar, lap steel, electric drill, and sheet metal will interlace, sparks will fly, and just when you might think there may not have been a plan, a ghostly sort of crooning that could fit into a David Lynch movie might emerge from out of the fog, and you will find that you’ve just seen a triumphant epic sewn together in front of your very eyes, yet no secrets have been revealed” -Delirious Insomniac.

ANDRÉ FOISY // Guitarist and co-founder of deconstructionist black metal group Locrian.
Foisy’s solo work has been described, by The Inarguable, as “layers of soft strong flowing beauty, building and eventually falling through peace and climax into a moment when he seems to look back with regret. His anticipations never quite find resolution, and his screams tell of the sort of self-hating dismissal that comes so potently after complete surrender to beauty”.

SUN SPLITTER // Chicago psychedelic metal trio
“For one, the group is more melodic than your typical doom band. Their songs tend to wander, but their meditative passages are punctuated by cascading riffs that follow unusually active chord progressions. Their massive sound is flavored with noise and industrial music, in part because of the drum machine, but the rhythms aren’t sterile and mechanical…Sun Splitter are also more aggressive than most other doom acts—sometimes it sounds like they’re trying to tear their songs apart from the inside.” Miles Raymer, Chicago Reader

“Their drum-machine and loop-fueled excursions through noise, droning doom metal, harsh metal grooves, and early 80s “no wave” has earned them a special place in my heart as one of the absolute weirdest and original bands in these recent years.” Jon Rosenthal, The Inarguable.

RABID RABBIT // Chicago-based, female-fronted, doom outfit
“Czarny Sen” is the latest from Chicago doom terrorists Rabid Rabbit, who’ve been supplying the city with sonic attacks for years now and they’ve teamed up with local label BloodLust! to unveil this stellar new soundtrack of uneasy vibes and heavy funeral dirge molasses. With 2 bass players, huge drums and psychedelic/metallic guitar, Rabid Rabbit pummel your ears with gloom filled heavy repetition only tempered by bassist/vocalist Andrea Jablonski’s ethereal vocal croon tempting the listener to travel further towards inevitable disaster. If seasonal depression is your bag then this is the soundtrack to get you through these frozen months” – Permanent Records

The Co-Prosperity Sphere
3219-21 South Morgan Street
Chicago Illinois, 60608
8:00pm – 12:00am


SUNDAY || JANUARY 29th, 2012

THE SLOW CLUB is a collection of work that investigates lost queer spaces. Objects and ephemera, including bar mirrors and matchbooks, provide traces of real and imagined histories, encouraging viewers to reconsider their relationship to a recent and radical past. Concurrently with the exhibit at ACRE, elements of The Slow Club will be on view at Parlour on Clark, re-situating the work into the context of a queer social space. Parlour is open 3pm – 2am Sundays, and is located on 6341 N. Clark St 60626.

1913 W 17th Street
Chicago, IL 60608
4:00 – 8:00pm

Joshua Abelow + Alexander Valentine
Join us on Sunday, January 29 for the opening of two excellent exhibitions at devening projects + editions featuring new work by Joshua Abelow and Alexander Valentine.

Released in 1969, “Songs from a Room” was Leonard Cohen’s seminal second album; it’s also the title of New York-based artist Joshua Abelow’s first solo exhibition at devening projects + editions. Cohen’s release set the stage for a long career as a poet, lyrcist and vocalist with a sound and attitude that was spare and circumscribe. Like the songs on this album, Abelow’s paintings have a similar quality of efficiency and use a melodic thread as the foundation for cutting subject matter. At the root of Abelow’s modestly scaled paintings is a prodigious, career-long reconsideration of Modernist idioms. Filtered through a lens of wry self-deprecation, these tough canvases are produced with highly specific chromatic systems and suggest a historical reverence to artists as diverse as William Copley, Francis Picabia and Rene Magritte.

In the off space, Alexander Valentine offers “Blonder Tongue Audio Baton,” a collection of editioned portfolios, publications, prints, posters and packages. The title of the exhibition borrows from the name of a 1950’s analog graphic equalizer as well as the title of an album by the Swirlies, a Boston shoe gaze band from the 1990s.

To celebrate the opening Alex will be hosting ONE FOR ONE FOR ONE, a collaborative soundtrack project and DJ set. For the duration of the evening, a select group of Chicago DJs will be playing a record, in response to record, DJ set. ONE FOR ONE FOR ONE features Jocelyn Brown (Clerical Error), Brian Case (Disappears), Aay Preston-Myint (Chances), Beau Wanzer (Hot on the Heels of Love), Joe Proulx (Smith’s Night), Emily Elhaj (Implodes), Laura Deutsch (Three of Cups), Seth Sher (Ga’an), Jordan Williams (Flagrant Monday) and Alfredo Nogueira.

devening projects + editions
3039 W. Carroll
Chicago, IL 60612
4:00 – 7:00pm


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