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Week Ends, Art Begins || January 6th – January 8th

FRIDAY || JANUARY 6th, 2012

Holiday Hangover Opening With Architecture for Humanity
Architecture for Humanity has teamed with Black Cloud Gallery for the month of January! Join us this Friday as we celebrate the charitable work Architecture for Humanity does for the community as well as the featured artwork using found objects.

The Black Cloud Gallery
1909 S. Halsted Ave.
Chicago, IL 60608
6:00 – 10:00pm

Paul Erschen – West Plaza
Document would like to celebrate its first exhibition by presenting the work of artist Paul Erschen. He will be showing a new selection of photography and sculptures entitled “West Plaza”. We hope everyone will be able to attend this inaugural event.

845 W. Washington Blvd, 3F
Chicago, Illinois
5:00 – 8:00pm

First Fridays @ Inkling
Join us for the first gallery event of the year! Opening reception for ‘Know Your Flag’
We’re starting things off with a collection of silkscreen works in tribute to Chicago.

… Originally from the Great Lakes State and now in the Land of Lincoln, Meng Yang’s design principles are based off of midwestern values – honest, hard-working and straightforward. Know Your Flag is a visual tribute for Meng’s love of Chicago’s rich and inspiring history. In his freetime, Meng rides his bike year-round and his biggest pet peeve is ketchup on a kosher dog.

2917 1/2 N. Broadway
Chicago, IL 60657
6:00 – 10:00pm

The new gallery space is finally finished and we are proud to announce our re-opening
with a gallery artist group exhibition entitled NEU! which will feature new works by six of our represented artists.

Stephen Eichhorn
B.C. MacEachran
Heidi Norton
Michael Rea
Ann Toebbe
Russell Tyler

350 North Ogden, Suite 100
Chicago, IL 60607
6:00 – 9:00pm

Tony Wight Gallery is pleased to present MOVES THINKS REPEATS PAUSES, a group show featuring the work of Dylan Bailey, Colin Oulighan, Andy Cahill, Min Song, John Houck and Suara Welitoff. The works in the show share a common visual language and similar approaches to image-construction through different artistic mediums including photography, video, painting on paper, painting on canvas, sculpture and books.

Tony Wight Gallery
845 West Washington Boulevard
Chicago, IL 60607
6:00 – 8:00pm

Martina Nehrling, “In Defense of Wondering” New Paintings & Works on Paper

Zg Gallery
300 W. Superior St.
Chicago, IL 60654
5:30 – 7:30pm


Artist’s Talk: Steven Frost and David Hartwell, moderated by Alison Cuddy
Robert Bills Contemporary is very pleased to invite you to an artist’s talk in conjunction with our current exhibition Joint Disassembly. WBEZ’s own Alison Cuddy will moderate a discussion between the artists Steven Frost and David Hartwell covering the exhibition and underlying visual, political and art historical topics as they relate to both artists practices.

Joint Disassembly explores the interesting and complex relationships between personal narratives, identifications, representations, allegiances, and how they relate to the broader public sphere and the creation of image culture in our society. Both artists draw attention to how the process of picking and choosing, assembling and disassembling is not merely the purview of art practice but an integral part of the way that individuals shape their lives. Playful and coy, the objects they produce demonstrate the extent to which individuals can control what is and is not revealed to others.

Robert Bills Contemporary
222 N Desplaines St., Lower Level
Chicago, IL 60661
4:00 – 7:00pm

Wild things, I think I love you – New work by Chiara No
Chiara No’s practice is to redefine and re-construct materials by stripping them of their original purpose and cultural significance, therefore reducing them to objects qua objects. Through the recalibration of these objects, she intends… to illicit pure aesthetic seduction. The objects avoid didacticism and social critique; not out of anti-intellectualism, but rather out of an indifference towards intellect. By presenting streamers and embroideries without origin, context, or function, the work’s intent is to highlight their inherent beauty. They are feral forms, practical items, which have escaped their domestic sphere. Wholly superficial and unconcerned with wit or place, they lean toward an existential happiness, an emotional zone where the pieces’ essential nothingness is in fact its content. And, grouped together, the pieces play against each other, exhibiting an even stronger, more congenial emptiness that defies both original and new milieu; they emphasize that an accumulation of everything is still nothing.

Johalla Projects
1821 West Hubbard
Chicago, IL 60622
7:00 – 10:00pm

Scott Williams: A collection of posters-n-stuff at the Annoyance Theater
Friends… I’ve been fortunate enough to make posters for Chicago’s talented Improv community the past 6 years or so. IO, Second City, CIC, but mostly for The Annoyance Theater. This Saturday, Jan 7th, The Annoyance will begin to show a selection of my favorites on the long… wall opposite the bar. Also included will be some of my silk screen gig posters. The work will be up for a couple months before they gear up for their 25th Anniversary. Join me for a drink in the bar this Saturday night if you wanna ask me questions about, ya know, stuff. I’ll also have some work for sale on Saturday night only.

Annoyance Theater & Bar
4830 N Broadway
Chicago, IL 60640

SUNDAY || JANUARY 8th, 2012

ACCUMULATIONS new works by ACRE staff
ACCUMULATIONS highlights the work of three artists intricately involved in the ACRE residency kitchen with disparate practices connected by a tendency toward collecting, obsession and re-assemblage. Melissa Damasauskas’ Fireplace Fetish is a hearth constructed of soft quilted bricks forming the “log cabin” pattern, a traditional quilt pattern centered around a red “hearth” and representing the log cabin “home.” The fireplace and the quilt are both symbols of warmth and home and have both become generally obsolete, rendered nostalgic remnants of a simpler past and reduced to elements of interior design and decoration. A fetish figure is believed to house a particular spirit which is often “awakened” by pounding nails or sharp objects into it. Fireplace Fetish is intended to house the spirit of home and community, inviting patrons to poke pins into it’s pin-cushion-like structure with the intention of awakening and renewing healthy community. Ashley Hudson explores ideas of imagination, inspiration and humor, creating a collection of fantastic and silly places constructed through collage and sculptural forms. She sees this as an ongoing investigation of her subconscious and her interest in the discarded. Leonardo Kaplan presents the newest piece from the ongoing series, The Gravity of Images involving the production of floor to ceiling, photographic dot pattern murals in various materials. Koala Porno continues his investigation of image reproduction presence through the layering and reproduction of appropriated imagery.

ACRE Projects
1913 W. 17th Street
Chicago, Illinois
4:00 – 8:00pm

WIPE OUT opening reception @ Peanut Gallery
This show features six artists’ imaginings and perceptions of annihilation. As we begin 2012, the year that some believe will be our last on earth, The End is in the air.

The artists in WIPE OUT were selected because of their ability to imagine, digest and embrace the possibility of humanity’s demise. If we are doomed, at least we should enjoy it. Consider the opening reception Peanut Gallery’s answer to Sunday School – the work in WIPEOUT conveys the essence of a Baptist preacher’s apocalyptic vision filtered through the hyperactive, slightly deranged and certainly dangerous mind of a visionary anarchist.

Andrea Jablonski
Chris Hodge
Erik Peterson
Mary Porterfield
Otto Splotch
Merje Veski

Peanut Gallery
1000 N. California Ave.
Chicago, Illinois
5:00 – 9:00pm


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