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Fat Cap Article Exchange // Snacki’s Secret Pizza Party

Continuing with our third consecutive week of exchanges, this week we visit the work of Chicago-based artist Snacki. This series of article exchanges are based on a partnership between Sixty Inches From Center and Fat Cap. The goal of this partnership is to build bridges within our writing community, help promote one another to new audiences across the board and give more exposure to the art that keeps our Chicago experience compelling.

This article was originally posted at Fat Cap on Wednesday, April 27th, 2011 by Lindsayt | Text and photos by Brock Brake.

Snacki uses pizza to lure visitors into his secret gallery show. We’re just hungry thinking about it.

When FatCap covered Snacki back in December, we wanted to give exposure to some of the best of the up and coming artists around the world.  Well is he up? Is he coming?  His talent combined with clear exuberance for the art and getting up have quickly gained him and his characters recognition.

Snacki debuted his Secret Pizza Party art show this past weekend at The Beerics and you bet there was plenty of pizza’s, 6 cheese and 6 pepperoni pizza boxes to be exact.  What started out as a joke a while ago, came to fruition over the past couple months, creating an awesome reality.

The artist stuck to his typical style of remaining elusive at the party and probably stayed home with some celebratory candies and leftovers. Even though he wasn’t there his presence was still felt with his unique faces, dark foggy forest and the hilarious stack of pizza boxes under a newspaper stand that was covered in Snacki stickers. This is the first time a lot of people in Chicago have been able to see something off the street from Snacki and hopefully its not the last. I have a good feeling about what Snacki has in store for us this summer on and off the streets. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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