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Fat Cap Article Exchange // ROA in Chicago

This week we visit the work of ROA who came to Chicago a few months ago. His work left a lasting impression especially for those who ride the CTA blue line. This marks the second of a series of article exchanges based on a partnership between Sixty Inches From Center and Fat Cap. The goal of this partnership is to build bridges within our writing community, help promote one another to new audiences across the board and give more exposure to the art that keeps our Chicago experience compelling. This article was originally posted at FAT CAP on Tuesday, May 24th by Brock Brake.

First LA, then San Francisco, and now Chicago. ROA’s hitting up the US in a BIG way.

Our friends over at Pawn Works Chicago have posted some initial photos of their work with ROA (see our previous interview) during his time in the windy city.  FatCap’s Brock Brake was able to join in the fun to snag the flicks.  There might just be more to come.  We’ll keep you posted! While you’re here, check out White Walls SF’s video on ROA’s time in San Francisco. Clearly the artist is making the most of his time in the United States.

ROA – White Walls from Colin M Day on Vimeo.

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