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Water Street Studios Second Anniversary

A few weeks ago I attended the opening of Water Street Studios’ Second Year Anniversary Show in Batavia, IL. Like each of the previous shows at Water Street, the work was numerous, diverse, and stunning. The two-dimensional pieces displayed a wide range of media, from carbon print photography to encaustic and resin. Meanwhile, the three-dimensional works, which generally make up more than half of Water Street’s shows, captured the eye with porcelain, caste bronze, dyed organza, found metal, goat skull, and variety of other inventively transformed materials. For each of its exhibitions, Water Street offers audio tours where artists explain their pieces featured in the main gallery. So, to save one the trouble of traveling 43 miles out to Batavia, I’ve included images and audio from a handful of the current gallery pieces below. Enjoy.

Fawn Clarke-Peterson. Hey Daddy, 2011. Pipe, porcelain, twine, textile. Water Street Studios, Batavia, IL. (Photo credit: Zachary Johnson)


“The textile is a quote by Andrew Carnegie regarding the duties of the men of the wealth. It spoke to me quite loudly, and then it made me very angry. So this is me realizing that I’m one of the people [Andrew Carnegie]  refers to that is not capable of good decision making.”

Hey Daddy audio

Jenna Goeringer. Void, 2011. Hand-embroidered fiber. Water Street Studios, Batavia, IL. (Photo Credit: Zachary Johnson)











“If you are not creating something to be passed down, what is your purpose? What does it look like to sew for yourself?

Void audio

Bouba Boumaiz. Icarus, 2011. Caste bronze. Water Street Studios, Batavia, IL. (Photo Credit: Zachary Johnson)













“It reflects the ephemeral side of human beings in general…the material has really allowed me to express my deep feelings.”

Icarus audio

Jim Jenkins. By a Thread, 2011. Red cedar, stainless steel spiral, cast iron soldier, bandages, surgical suture, paper, goat skull, found map, poppy pod, fool's gold. Water Street Studios, Batavia, IL. (Photo Credit: Zachary Johnson)













“It may be a piece about our current political situation.”

By A Thread audio

Kari Kraus. Mainframe, 2011. Dyed organza. Water Street Studios, Batavia, IL. (Photo Credit: Zachary Johnson)
















“As opposed to a lot of the other pieces that I’ve had which were more of an organic shape… I went in a more structured and robotic direction. “

Mainframe audio

Bill McGrath. Untitled, 2011. Rope, steel. Water Street Studios, Batavia, IL. (Photo Credit: Zachary Johnson)













“I just really liked the color, the texture, the sinuousness of it. I’ve been attracted to pieces that have patterns in them and I get a lot of security out of pieces that have some patterns…”

Untitled audio












Water Street Studios Second Year Anniversary Show is up through December 31st. Fore more information on the show, including the full audio guide and honorable mention artists, click here.

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