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1,200 Strong | The Patric McCoy Collection

Detail from the Patric McCoy Collection, 2011. (Image Credit: Tempestt Hazel.)

When walking into the home of Patric McCoy, Co-founder of the collector group Diasporal Rhythms, it is easy to be stunned and a bit overwhelmed. Even before stepping through the door you are led up a stairway that is lined with at least a dozen photographs, prints and paintings that originate from various moments in the last half of the twentieth century and the years of our current one. Once you make it to the door, one can’t help but pause for a moment in an attempt to take it all in. The walls are lined from floor to ceiling with original works by hundreds of active Chicago artists–some of which I immediately recognized and others I was happy to discover.

Accumulated over several decades, Patric’s collection has been the subject of exhibitions, classroom tours, publications and even inspiration for artists like Samantha Hill to create new work. Furthermore, a collection such as this one can also be seen as not only an educational tool, but as an example of a different type of arts activism that can inspire others to directly support local artists in real time and take art history into your own hands. The following is a glimpse into the hundreds of works in his collection.

Diasporal Rhythms has made it their mission to build a passionate group of collectors engaged in the activity of collecting visual art created by contemporary artists of the African Diaspora and to expand appreciation of visual art created by these artists. Learn more about Diasporal Rhythms at

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