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Form in Flora II – Art in Nature

The Main Show Room of Lincoln Park Conservatory

Form in Flora II is an exhibition of nature-related sculpture, and what better place to showcase the art than the Lincoln Park Conservatory. Placed among the foliage and flowers in the main show room are works done by members of the Chicago Sculpture International, with pieces inspired by or made from nature. Chicago Sculpture International is a group that seeks to expand understanding and appreciation of sculpture in Chicago through public forums and exhibits such as this one.

The opening took place the evening of October 7th in the main show room, under glass ceilings and a blanket of warm air. The sculptures are nestled throughout the showroom among the trees, plants, and flowers. Some pieces intertwined within the foliage were more difficult to seek out than others, among the visually dominant plants. But each sculpture held its own presence whether complimenting or contrast to the landscape.

"Untitled", Vivian Visser

Tucked between two trees is a piece by Vivian Visser, a Chicago Artists Month featured artist (see video below). Vivian’s works for the exhibit look like re-imagined cornucopias, like giant seed pods nestled between the trees. Down the path of the show room and standing tall in the pond is Mike Helbing’s site-specific piece for the exhibit. It is a metal tree fountain that gives off a lovely accompanying sound, like the rhythm of rain -appropriately titled Mike’s Rain Tree.

Each work uses its relationship with nature in different ways – whether as a muse, having an environmentally sound aspect, or playing with the senses. But regardless they all share some sort of harmony with the space. “The pieces fit into the location but are not overcome,” said Vivian Visser.

"Mike's Rain Tree", Mike Helbing

This is the second show of Form in Flora, as last year’s was at the Garfield Park Conservatory. “This year was supposed to be in both locations, but the hail storm annihilated Garfield Park,” said Vivian Visser, “Next year, the third show will hopefully be in both locations.”

So if you’re looking to escape from the autumn chill and in the mood to see some plants and art, check out the Form in Flora II show at the Lincoln Park Conservatory, showing through November 4th daily from 9am – 5pm.

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