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Behind the Scenes Chicago Artist Month

This October is the 16th annual Chicago Artists Month, a citywide collaborative showcase of over 200 arts events that range from exhibitions to studio tours and neighborhood art walks. Sixty Inches From Center’s Media Director Andrew Roddewig was commissioned through his video production company Clarion New Media to produce 12 short videos about the 12 featured artists. Andrew and his team spent quite a bit of time with each artist talking about the communities that inspire and nurture art in Chicago.
For the next few weeks Andrew will share his experience meeting with so many different artists from diverse backgrounds and disciplines while also telling us about some of the things that didn’t make it into the videos.

Thomas Lucas:

Thomas Lucas is one of my favorite artists to just hang out with and talk “shop”. Tom is the owner of Hummingbird Press and a print teacher at LillStreet Art Center. I think the reason he is so easy to talk to, especially for interviews, is his passion for his craft.
He just has a great way of infusing his passion into others and that’s probably in part because he is a teacher.
I am really excited for the event he is collaborating on at the South Side Community Art Center. On October 1st Thomas will be hosting a Panel Discussion about The African American Contribution to Printmaking Innovation and Design during the WPA Period. Also, prints form Hummingbird press will be on display. I would really encourage everyone to check out his work and attend the discussion. It should be insightful.

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