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ART IS… From Buenos Aires to Chicago

ART IS... From Buenos Aires to Chicago
I have been communicating with Atiba Edwards through emails for close to a year. Though we have never met face to face, I’ve found in him what most artists spend years looking for: a talented, passionate, driven and inspiring individual who believes in building a collaborative community of artists. Atiba Edwards co-founded the non-profit arts organization “F.O.K.U.S” with Alma Davila... 

A Spotlight on Michael “Dos Santos” Tousana

A Spotlight on Michael
Michael Tousana is an up-and-coming musician and artist from Chicago who now resides in Queens, New York. Even though he is no longer in Chicago, his name is still being blown around the Windy City’s underground art and performance world. His work is hard to ignore. Whether it’s pieces like “Radiant Eyes” with vivid tears of color falling or “Higher Reach” which depicts a hand reaching... 
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