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Peter Mars – ‘Lift’ing Up Where Andy Warhol Left Off

On Aug. 3 people flocked to the Meat Packing District for Food Truck Mania and a sneak peek of Peter Mars’ upcoming show “Lift.” Attendees were joined by their dogs, making it the ultimate canine experience. They also got to see iconic images of Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Superman, and Buddha transformed by Mars into Pop Art.

Reminiscent of Warhol’s Campbell Soup cans, Mars plays with the idea & placement of everyday food products within his artwork. For example, brands such as Coca Cola, Hershey’s Chocolate, Pop Tarts, Kellogg’s cereal, and Hostess cupcakes are commonly found dispersed throughout Mars’s designs. It is likewise not uncommon to find name-brand toys such as Atari, Crayola Crayons, & Hot Wheels overlapping other pattern or icons.

It wasn’t until after the attacks on 9/11 that Mars was inspired to create reproductions of first edition comic book covers. His reasoning for developing a heroine series was because he says he  “felt as a nation we really needed all our superheroes to reassure us, give us hope and restore our confidence.”

If one thing is for sure Mars’ work is far from boring. Although one may view his work as a basic process, they should think again. He creates a screen for each color used in his work. On top of silk screening Mars also applies details and design by hand. Overall, Mars’ work is vibrant and modern all while maintaining a historical & cultural significance. Mars’ show “Lift” is set to open on Aug. 26 and goes through Sept. 5 at Mars Gallery located at 1139 W Fulton Market.

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4 Responses to " Peter Mars – ‘Lift’ing Up Where Andy Warhol Left Off "

  1. Angie Dahlof says:

    Who’s this Molly Stankovsky? She’s a great writer. More from her please.

  2. chet klos says:

    Have followed and collected Peter’s work for years and am looking forward to this show! Great writeup!

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  4. Nancy Pirri says:

    I have the wonderful opportunity to show with Peter Mars at yet another show he is involved in at BLAST: where pop, fine and street art meet! at the Beverly Arts Center: 2407 W. 111th Street in Chicago – 8/19-9/25 with a RECEPTION on Sat., Sept. 24th from 6-9pm featuring works by Peter Mars, Nancy Pirri & Erik DeBat. Hope you can make it!

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